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My alma mater’s motto rings true here: “Having light, we pass it on to others.”
Annie’s trials and tribulations have rung true for me through my transition. When I was struggling, Annie was struggling. When Annie found joy, I found joy too. Reading Annie’s (and by extension- your) story every morning helped keep my light strong enough to guide me out of the darkness. I have transformed from a scared person questioning their gender, to a strong, passionate, outspoken woman fighting for my brothers, sisters, all those within and without the gender spectrum, and I give some credit to your story.
The end you have given to Wildflowers is perfect: it’s not an end. It’s a promise that the story didn’t end, that all of the actors will continue to grow and change and live. It’s a promise that when we choose to keep going, we deserve to grow, to change, and to “be amongst the wildflowers. “ We deserve to be free.

Thank you for your story.

With love,
WTF is going on this page?!?! Is this an Annie nightmare?

I hope it is... Is that bad?
oh no.
Is Annie... ignoring Cindy? or is this disassociation? I mean there has been enough trauma to that poor girl. but either option is baaaad.
I look forward to/dread where you are taking this.
This is heart wrenching. I've grown to love these characters; to look forward (or dread) their stories as they unfold comic by comic. I know many of the folks reading your comic and your story have experienced pain like the kids in this comic. I know I have. To see Cindy end her life in such a way, with Annie right there in another room, is brutal. The reverberations of that life lost are going to hit deep in their community and it will not be pretty.

I want to throw this out there to any of the other readers who may have had or are having ideation right now: You. Are. Not. Alone. I am not going to give you the old platitudes (You have so much to live for! Think of the people who you are leaving behind!) because those don't help. They make it worse, tbqh!
No, if you are feeling this way, please please PLEASE call your local support line or your 911 equivalent. Or just go to google and type in suicide hotline and a box will pop up with the phone number and a direct link to the chat client, so you don't even need to physically speak to someone. If you feel this way, your pain is legitimate. Your pain is real.

Screw politics. Screw what you think someone will say or do. If you feel this way, there is no shame in asking for help. The best people do. and you are some of the best people.