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Color Pallet
I was playing with face tone colors. This was my favorite option, though not as realistic. Ahh anime - how I love you.
February 23rd, 2010
Opps! Almost forgot again!
So sad that I keep almost forgetting. But here it is - the posts! Meow.
Aeix and an idea one of the faces I was playing with for his brother. They seem related, right?

I'll *try* and update with more than a crappy webcam pic for the Tuesday official update.
Ha - there's my finger
Little fuzzy puppies! <3
From my sketchbook
I really should be scanning these...
Hey! Where did those days come from! I guess I got out of the habit of updating. So... here they all are - >_<;;;
No - I was showing my teacher and he thought it looked nice so he posted that without realizing I was signed in as myself. ^_^;
I can talk to pants at will.
You need fancy pants when you don't have a shirt.
Food time should be soon. I am so tired, but my kitchen needs cleaning and my homework needs doing...
February 19th, 2010
January 23rd's Update
Another update that should have been posted last month. At least they're here. To bed with me now, I have work in the morning!
January or February
With the return of my updates it's hard not to notice that we're no longer in January. With a bit of debating I decide to put this in the January of February folder I decided that since they are being posted in February I'd be true to the month.

This is the (very) late update for January 22nd.
Weird angles
I took a picture of this rather than a scan so it looks a bit funky. But fun times and more doggies. :3
MMmm bed time...
I am feeling very drained of..well... everything right now. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better light. And pancakes. Another dog for my January! :D
A bit late.. I lost track of time. Meh. Least I am drawing at least once a day. Fun times.
great work
great work
Ahead of time!
Normally I would be updating Sunday at this time rather than.. well.. this! Ahaha! Back to sketching.
Another puppy~!
If you haven't guessed by now, I do like dogs. I normally draw people, but this seems to be entertaining me for the moment. Fun times!
And now I woke up with the flu
I have chills then sweating bouts w/o changing my heat. Wonderful. I just hope this is the 24 hour one, I need to update Ednsae. :(
January 15th, 2010
A bit drained...
Tired and a bit drained. This is all I got today.
No excuse...
I really have no excuses for being late. This is my Thursday drawing, I will update Friday afterwork - midday.