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This is a double of the other 'Fight' episode.
Again Blurry
Again your pics are blurry.
Some of the pictures were yet again blurry. I don't know if you meant to do that, to make it seem low budget, but at this point, I'm taking it as a bad thing.
We all know Josh decided to make a Spanish soap opera just so he could say "Por Que Maria" hehe. Well done on this one though. Clever special effect. 5 stars.
Blurry Again
Another blurry picture, another 3.
I hope that last panel was meant to be blurry, if it wasn't, it's a terrible picture. Also the first panel was blurry and that wasn't so good. That's why I gave it a 3.
Last Panel
The jagged box saying 'Searching for the almighty crown!' is a bit cramped and also, shouldn't it be put before the pirate says 'Then let's go!'?
Blurriness and Bubbles
Again the pics are a bit blurry and why does Marlin or whatever his name is talk in a different shaped speech bubble everytime?
Conjunctions Tommie
That would be "You're cheesy" hehe... Good comic though...
You probably should've put "OH MY GOSH" or something else instead of God because I found that a bit offensive, and some people might find it really offensive.
"The majesty send us here" should be "The majesty sent us here". The pictures are very good. You're welcome.
It should be they're not so good at English, by the way hehe... besides Tommie's comment the photography and the blue outlined boxes was very creative.
Blurry Pics
Why are all of the pictures in this one blurry? Also why does that guy in the 3rd frame say something and then answer himself?
That first frame with just the picture was a good idea. You put the speech bubble tail to the tower window which was a very good idea. Nice job.
More Criticism
To add on to what Jon said, Why is his description text so small compared to all the other character sheets?
Blurry Pics
Ok... why is the picture blurry after Mr.TD asked you to fix them like, 3 times?
Very Nice Ending
I love the ending compared to all the others I've read so far. Well done.
Camera in the Mirror
In the last panel, you can see someone's hand holding the silver camera. Hehe, I'm not criticizing, it's a great comic, it was just funny.
On this page, you said you instead of your (unless you meant to do that), and also your speech bubbles are very cramped, the text touches the outsides of the bubbles (I found that a lot in your comic).
This was a good idea to do them all on one sheet and not describing them. It leaves more for us to figure out and to read.