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God damn it...
I know Harmony is kinda supposed to be a hated character, or whatever, but she looked cute af in this strip...
Only doing it 'cause I was told not to...
(σωσ) Blizz ... Vay (σωσ)
You meant h0ly crap, right?
That is most likely
No need to worry, after each page I hum the JoJo tobecontinued theme
I do
November 28th, 2018
@SlyTheSylveon: Sylveons have flesh ribbons. FLAREONS are fluffy
My favorite art teacher once told me that a beginner artist draws what they think they see and a expirienced artest draws what is there. Of course, you dont HAVE to draw things exactly, but Atty is still a good artist.
Methinks you are NOT wrong