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i will... i will... i know i always say that...but THIS time i will... okay, i say that a lot too... lol... umm... i....will....try? :D *sheepish grin*
hi hyper sophie...
LOL! sorry! don't be mad! lol. I just got a new tablet yesterday...I haven't set it up yet because something is wrong with the router or something. I'm not lying or making excuses this time. (not that I was lying last time.. haha. making excuses, yes, lying- no. lol) Dave has been pestering me everyday. I'll do it! I'll do it! lol. We also got a new printer/scanner thingie too, and that's not working either. :( Dave says life sucks. lol. "baby" is 5 years old now. LOL. yeah, i guess it's about time i started up again, eh? thanks for commenting on my comics!

Cheers!! Happy new year!

hey hana...
Thanks for checking out my site... lol.......

I'll make a comic with you, chanti and dellia after chanti is born......whenever that will be! hahaha.

i know, i know. i gotta start one of these days. dave is bugging me everyday.....

hey, kaori!
Thanks so much for checking out my comics. As you can probably guess, I haven't continued it in a while. Dave keeps on pestering me to start it up again. LOL. I didn't think people would be interested in it still. Hmm. Maybe I should start up again, eh? Now that my kid is in school, I SUPPOSE I have a few measly hours to spare... :D

LOL! cool. another violent asian chic. woohoo! hahahah. Thanks for the nice comments. I'll see what I can do to start up again. hehe...

(still waiting for a chair for my drafting table... >grin<)

what? that excuse not working anymore you say? ;)

oh yah! i forgot about this. haha. weird.
thanks for checking out my site!
you read the WHOLE thing??? lol. i hope you had food and water nearby. ;) thanks for your nice comment!! i hope it was worth your while to sit for a good couple of hours. :D

yeah, dave's been hassling me to start up again. it's about time i gave birth to that thing, eh. lol.

maybe soon...maybe soon... lol. i know, i keep on saying that. i just have to find my paper and pencils again.. hehe.

anyways, thanks again for checking out my comics.

yes. it's not you. i drew myself a wee bit young looking, eh. i should look like a 28 year old. LOL!

thanks for commenting and checking out my site, anyway. hahah.

sure thing...
FIEND.... hahahah. gee, I WONDER who could have the NERVE to DO such a thing, eh??? ;D
doom Bubbles...
i know! i know! what's going on, eh?!

so....can i rag on you to update your comic? hehehe...
holy moley...
could it be? a new comic???
yes. i'm such a slacker. sorry! i was blackmailed to do a comic. you know who you are!!! >:)
i'll try to keep it up now. :D

lol. i think they would be cute, no? haha. thanks for commenting and checking out my site!


ps. like your avatar. lol.
um...thanks? lol.

well, thanks for checking out the site, anyway.

hello, tt5!
How's things? thank you for checking out my site and for the nice comment! :) i will be continuing the comic as soon as i get my act together... in other words, when i stop being lazy! ;)

do you play hockey as well? dave is not in anything professional...but he plays "beer league hockey" he says. lol. or "recreational hockey". he's on 3 teams! crazy, i tell ya. i never see him. i guess that's not a bad thing. ;) maybe he should join 5 teams next year. hehe. :D

i will continue my comic soon. i've been hassled to do so. :D so hopefully by the end of the week, i will post one.

until then, thank you again for stopping by! :)

hi DarkElf92
Thanks for checking out my site. I'll have to check that site out. Been kindasortabusy (is that a good excuse?) so i haven't been posting much. i will soon though. i really will! :D thanks for stopping by!

hi some_unknown_dude.... LOL. thanks for checking out my site and for the nice comments! now i feel even MORE guilty for not updating it. lol.

yup. girls are dangerous. watch your back. mouhahaha... ;)

hey! thanks for checking out my site! you came at a bad time 'cause i haven't updated in 3 weeks or something... hehe. but i guess you have 500 other comics you can catch up on.. ;)
i will try to update soon!


okay, okay. you got me. i musta used my "non-comic pen" that KIND of looks like my comic pen. lol...
hubba wha...?
lol. yeeeaaaaaaah....... don't ask me! i know NOTHING about computers. well, okay, i can surf the net and put up my comic, but that's about it. beyond that, it's all "alien-ese" to me. as long as i can find my craft sites, i'm happy. lol.

oh, speaking of "crap", some bear left a nice big one right in our driveway. geez. who's gonna clean THAT?

(who bets that it's gonna be ME?!) >:(
i'm psychic. ;)

actually, dave told me. hahaha. how'd HE know? simple deduction, my dear watson. well, i don't really know for sure... lol... but see that little purple planet thingie at the bottom left hand corner? if you click on it, you can see my who's been reading my comics and where they are from and all that. so i guess he put two and two together...what time a comment was posted and what time the person logged on, and voila! haha.
unless he really does have some sort of scary superpower i don't know about..... hmmmmm...

yes. thanks for commenting on clean my crap. hahah! you make my day. :D
what the heck is "blerka!"? hahaha. is that australian for "crap!"? LOL...