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I am not the most sociable but I can get along with others. I enjoy playing video games especially those with a lot of action and like a world ending problem. I am extremely creative and I can’t control my imagination because well it just takes control. I enjoy reading comics that are hilarious and have a little romance but nothing absurd.
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This seems like some thing out of an anime
Bond between infection and human
Crystal da hell were you thinking you going to be gassy now
Damn screw this! TEPIG TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!
Yo can use volt tackle because I know someone who can use fuga impact and I know flare blitz
Busted can’t wait to see what happens next
Oh no this won’t end good or some one will get laid
I’m going to guess Silvia has her own ships she wants to become reality
I saw it coming the first romance has just begun every get your popcorn ready!!!!!🍿🍿🍿🍿
Yeah man take a chill pill
I get where you were going we waited to long FLARE X LEAFY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Pixly I’m a Tepig now