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Justin Patchett--otherwise known as Patch--is a Marylander now living and working in the state of Virginia. He is a Graphic Design graduate from Liberty University and a supporter of open source software including, but not limited to, Linux.

His comic, "Insert Gil," was created using The GIMP, but has since had episodes created in Adobe Photoshop.
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Not yet dead Fred
Um, I know. Heath (the inspiration for the character of the same name) is now my roommate again, and I have heard from him on SEVERAL occasions that I need to update. I just don't have the time. It's been three months, I no longer play MapleStory, but I am finding myself wrapped up in 200 and 300 level graphic design classes. I can assure you that I will not be updating anytime soon, for instance, because my 300-level Adobe Illustrator class is making us do a photorealism assignment-of-death.

I can also assure you that Insert Gil isn't entirely dead. Not for me at least. It has just been abandoned for now because I simply don't have the kind of time I had my freshman year of college.

Honestly, if you want me to start it up again, I need a check. My name. $5,000. Or the same amount in small bills. Contact me via AIM if you're serious about it.

Every official page of Insert Gil has been done in the GIMP, the open source alternative to Photoshop.
Mardia... Sorry, no character there...
I actually didn't even try playing last night. I usually spend nights like last night randomly browsing the Internet looking for whatever... Last night, I stayed offline and got this one out the door.

And it should be more than a few every couple of months... At least I hope so...
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WHAT? A new Insert Gil???

Yeah, I've been busy doing other things... like playing MapleStory... Do yourself a favor, and DON'T play that game. If, however, you're on Bellocan, are high-school-aged or older, and are looking for a guild, SoulSeekers might be the guild for you.

Alright, to business. Originally, this would have been the last chapter of "Season" two. However, given my extended absence, I'm going to make it rather obvious where the Season Break would have been and just keep on going from there. Yellow should be the last chapter.

The image used in the background has been used in accordance to a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution License.

Now, proceed the throwing of tomatoes.
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Poor girlfriend of mine has a 30 page assignment due in one of her psychology classes. Myself... yeah, I get to do this.

In response to what happened in Blacksburg (about 1-2 hours away from here) I can only offer my prayers and love for the friends and families of those who lost loved ones.

So, with no segue whatsoever, this image was used under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Details can be found through the link above.
Lovin' the Infamy, eh?
First off, it just worked well in the writing portion of the process. But, I want you to realize that you are wanting to be called out for crime... You sure about that, Bruiser?
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This is the one I've been trying to get to since January. I know, it's all my fault, but at least I can finally get back to the major story line.

And my only additional credit is for the television.

In other news, for those of you care, the favicon is back. It's pretty much one of those nit-picky things only about three of you will ever care about.

And for those of you who don't keep up with the host's news, SmackJeeves will be upgrading to a dedicated server in a matter of a few weeks. There will be some downtime, but there will be fewer 503 errors for those who encounter them.
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Comic will remain in the Comic List. I know this kinda-sorta breaks my "No Filler" promise, but then again, you might want to take a second look at the last frame...
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That's it! I'm done with Master Chiefs. Never. Again. Ever.

Oh, and for the record, I hate Halo. Seriously, I gave up playing when I got beaten about 20 times on the school network.

No idea about when the next one is coming up.
RE4 is pretty cool, actually...
You know, I never really associated Heath with Wesker, but when you can't see 90% of him, I guess you're right! (My roommates played that game for two months straight. No joke.)
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I've forgotten everything about how to make an online webcomic. I've also, coincedentally, hit the end of my sketchbook... to be more honest, I hit the end of it a while back, and I'm acting on memory.

Needless to say, I owe you guys who have been daily checking to see if there's an update. (I've, ironically, done it myself.) To all of you, I meet the end of two story-arcs. Business and Crossover will end rather soon...

And I've just left an open-ended goal for myself...
Amazingly Amazing!
Dude, the moment I read the Inuyasha comment, I started laughing my face off.

As for other decent series: Cowboy Bebop. It's by the same guy as Samurai Champloo, and a bit older at that. However, I'm figuring you've seen it before.
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I made an announcement about "future updates" a few days ago. Please read this before chucking stones in my general direction.

Now go away. It's a really special day in my life, and I have a paper on Gulliver's Travels to write.
Sorry, but is there a 6-star option?
Yeah, it could be "betrayed," but it isn't. Perhaps the game doesn't care about Kibble. Perhaps he's technically on his own team. Perhaps the author is just a lazy bum.

And as for the "360" part, Microsoft doesn't even exist on Gil! The controller sprites I used are actually edited from Pokémon: Yellow Version. Believe me, it won't be the last time I do such.
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Slacker? Yes. Very yes. And most of you weren't even in my English class on Friday.

I'm not sure how much longer I can make this thing go. Perhaps one or two more, but I have to get back to a normal gimmick-free plot soon or I'm gonna explode.

Background at the bottom, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
Game background found at, has been edited
Save it for later, RW. I already have something of that fashion in the works.
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My first true crossover. Sure, it doesn't look like a Halo:CS comic, but, as our end of the battle is gonna prove, the characters are SO much alike once combat kicks in.

Backgrounds come from
Combat Stupid.
I have an account, so if you should ever see (and by SPAMTHIS, I mean msn), give it a shot. That's me.

(And, yes, that goes for Jesse and Jacob as well.)
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Because EVERY good Halo team needs a N00Bish one. You all are welcome to say your "welcome backs" to Kibble.

The Gamertags, by the way, are close to the ones we see here. Heath actually plays as UPS or Medic, Josh really does use yomomma, but I don't remember Kibble or Bruiser's.

And, sometimes, I play as Scotty Smalls.

Image used under Creative Commons Attribution License:

ALSO: Discussion on this one was longer than it appears now, and it was much longer than I wanted it to go. The "abridged" comments are below. Just realize that there is a point where one must say "enough is enough."