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I am more enlightened than anyone in the world

also one day my angst tolerance is going to be breached by this very comic and I'm going to go ape shit out of hatred for you and your characters. Anticipate shit in your mail in the future.
poopy in the butt, poopy in the butt, poopy poopy poopy poopy poopy in the butt.

oh my god I'm going to read that in a few months and want to kill myself

no jk this is more like a twitch

So I've been thuper duper busy this year and have neglected this because of homework and quite frankly I lost interest there for a while.

However, I've been trying to do at least a stupid little comic a day so hopefully once summer comes around I won't suck so much.

I started a blogspot archive for this because for a time I thought I would be able to keep that up easier? yeah I don't know. I'll probably switch to that eventually, but we'll see.

I may or may not post the daily comics here. So far they're all about me, and it seems a little dumb to post comics about just my life in a place where I write comics about my friends and I.

I am posting them on my tumblr though, so if you want you can follow there.

Thanks for the support smackjeevers.

blogspot archive:
This is like in 6th grade when I used to ask people the time just so I could have human contact, except you're the sad person and this is the time
I watched you draw this upside down
nah, Hannibal Barca.
It helps if you know the latin word for "war" in the ablative case is bello. Some poor Latin II kid got creative with a sentence he/she didn't know. Unfortunately, AP Latin is known to take it too far.

Anyway. Lame comic created because I am so behind and irresponsible but it's school tiem so I'm going to focus on that. Might have to rearrange update schedule.

New incentive.

I'm doing a comic of The Aeneid to go along with the translating I'm doing in AP Latin.
It's also here -->
@LDTP: yeah it was from some drawing of teenage Viral.
@KenTexan: Same. suddenly all my dreams came true when I played that game.

@Senseii: YES. Though I'm slightly disturbed that you know it that well and haven't heard of the game. It's all good though. RESPECT, BRAH.
But you never know, it might be fun to do it covered in shit. (please someone get that)
Sorry I'm late. Had some...drama.

This is my cousin Ian. One thing we did when I was in Rhode Island was play Robot Unicorn Attack. This is pretty much word-for-word what happened.

I also got a little sun burned. But now I am SO CRUNCH.

Extra points if you know why it's THAT face.

Also, there's a rather...fitting...incentive this week.
Remember how I said I take everything seriously? Subtlety and sarcasm are also oftentimes completely lost on me.

This will be redone some day. Maybe. I'm not too pleased with it.

Another last minute 3am comic because I'm leaving for Rhode Island in...3 and a half hours. Except this should show up on Saturday.

Voting incentive is probably going to be something inapropriate.
@ Kohikki: Yeah that's Rumpus. He's afraid of fire works. Also thanks brah.
Back from Georgia. This is from something that happened in the boathouse. Sort of.

This is also part of the "excuse the cat shit, I am lame" update(s) I promised. Except I'm leaving in a few days for RI. Who's unprepared? I'm unprepared.

Oh well. There's magic afoot. MAGIC, I TELL YOU.

Actually more crap for my latin class, but whatever, you'll see that when it's ready.

hint: it's a dog on a trash can?
Because that's what this is.

It's 1 in the morning the day I'm supposed to leave for Georgia and I realize I'll be gone next Saturday and I don't have anything prepared. (I didn't look at a calendar, herp derp), so please accept this picture of my cat's shit until I fix that.

I'll have a double update some time soon.

"But Lauren, isn't the point to draw pretty pictures so people will want to look at your comic?"


This is obviously how you gain readers.

voting incentive SHOULD be some Zelda fanfarts, but who knows, maybe it's not working.
...that's terrifying. And this is coming from the person who rehearses what I'd say at friends' funerals should they die any time soon.

Poor little tyke.

I like how the eyes move.
This scene kind of reminds me of the song "Wake" by The Antlers.

You're good with expressions.
Yes. Every single one of the dreams I consider nightmares have involved kittens in mortal danger and me not being able to save them. Drowning, shrinking, sickness, etc. It's a terrible, terrible feeling not to be able to save kittens. For srs.

So I met the best friend I've ever had in my entire life in this dream.(no offense guys. I mean he was in my head) AND THEN HE FALLS OFF THE DAMN ROOF AND I TRY TO SAVE HIM AND HE TURNS INTO A DYING CAT. I MEAN REALLY. JUNIOR TYLER DURDEN IS MY BEST FRIEND AND HE TURNS INTO A GODDAMN DYING CAT.

Yeah I was like what the fuck just happened to me.

anyway. Brb, going to Georgia to be with the fags.

Oh right. Voting incentive today is a badass pokeyman.
@ Zorrin: Shhh, it adds character. Hair on the chest. That sort of thing.