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Simon Finch
i'm an idiot who spends too much time thinking and not enough time doing
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    Simon Finch
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Simon Finch
February 13th, 2019
HEY dont call me out
Simon Finch
January 31st, 2019
Pages from here until an undetermined time will be inked by me! Fae's got carpal tunnel (we both do actually but hers is worse) so I've taken over inking until she heals.
Simon Finch
January 4th, 2019
its my girl
Simon Finch
January 4th, 2019
i wonder if he had to cast Mage Hand for that
@Guest: oh my fucking god you took the words right out of my mouth
kylee u look a lil ominous just looming over the couch like that :|;;
scotty looks like my ex lmfao
oh no
lmfao oh no
lmao now i know why Kylee's face was Like That when they were getting into the shower. Good Lord.
wow rude
1. Tennessee (yeehaw)
2. Newt and Hermann from Pacific Rim. Not sure why, they just really grew on me :D;
3. Kim: Ryan Kwanten | Kylee: Jeremy Sumpter, but specifically 'Death and Cremation' Jeremy Sumpter: jpg
aw shit, kimmy to the rescue. I'm living for this tbh
oh god. he's being obvious hahah
lmfao he's jealoussss
also so he CAN laugh without it being derived from spite!! lmao
oh hell, there's been hover text this whole time. ... looks like I'm backtracking :D;;;
for some reason my brain was like 'she pulled the money and phone out of her hair' and I was like 'yeah that's logical'
I'm diggin these backgrounds :v the trees look so soft....
Simon Finch
October 10th, 2018
meet me in the pit, loser
Simon Finch
September 9th, 2018
behold my inability to do vague backgrounds :D;;;;