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Weter 23
Amateur voice actor, and aspiring musical composer, and game designer.
Currently in a comic dub and performed in Super Bowl Live.
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Good take on describing the future, I like it!
2 Deaths. Better than my Nuzlockes.
I thought Mystery Dungeons could only go up to 99 floors.
LMAO! Made my night
I had to use some a few times when being Slumbering Cave in Gates to Infinity. Once I beat it, I forget that there's a held item that does the same thing.
This probably won't end well
Where a Repel when you need one?
Solution to the Leader Problem
Have a vote where each Pokemon votes for who they want to be the leader, and they can't vote for themselves. The Pokemon with the most votes becomes the leader. In case of a tie, repeat until a winner is determined.
Why is he in such denial?
Team All Wheel Drive
Can't stop looking at this cuteness!
What's with her text?
They don't say the full word to avoid confusion with another term.
Maybe Toby should become a Glaceon. He needs to chill.
Finally this is back!