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Starly the shapeshifter
Hello eoples! I love Kirby and Pokèmon. I spend most of my time playing my Nintendo Switch, 3ds, Ds, and Wii. Kirby Star Allies and Kirby's Returns To Dreamland are my favorite games and I like to draw too. I also play the clarinet (even though I wanted to play the trumpet but my mom made me play the clarinet). Sometimes I will play minecraft if I'm bored....
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Wait a minute
I just know realize Luz's name means light so....
Update please
No, I'm going back to the woods to throw bombs at people who are lost
R.I.P Whispy Woods
Lol marx
I'm still working on Kirby 64
I'm only on the water level....
If you're wondering I play it on my Wii because I don't own a Nintendo 64 :/
Fighting fire with fire
It always works in Kirby games
Every time I refresh the page, I always think it's a new comic but it's not.
(I'm stupid)
There’s to much going on
I can’t keep up.
Again, sorry I’m late. I read this other comic called Lumine and I got so hooked on it...
First: sorry I’m late
@foxpuff: again, I do this because I’m bored most of the time :/
Once again first
Why do I do this.....?
My little kirbies
*waits for next page to be uploaded*
I’m not rushing nobody
Don’t mind me here... I’m just putting radom stuff down
How come there are less readers and more fans in this webcomic.... :/