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I'm a very open and kind person who enjoys the simple things in life. Drawing aside, I like to craft, make 3D models, play games, watch the YouTubes and make videos, animate, and take it slow when need be. The list will only continue to grow I just know it.

I love dancing, I do it even waiting in line at stores, take small visits to the gym, and recently been dabbling with makeup. Oh and hugs, never can seem to get enough. ♥
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Why does Red talk?
@So Random Guy:

Simple answer: He is not the same Red he use to be.

Extended answer: This version of Red is no doubt inspired by the silent protagonist and League champion of the games I've played as a kid. However, in Perseverance this is my interpretation of said silent character. If you're confused, you should be as is my intention. The dots will connect the further the story progresses to understand why Red is much more vocal than his beloved icon.
Background Fact
Please note the background isn't actually mine. I edited the original from over here: Originally it was just going to serve as a template, but I fell in love with the composition, so I kept it.