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Dan Genesis
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Why does the hamster have Aerosmith?!
@TH3GADFLY: There is also a missing "t" in "Identity"
Based on those stats, I feel like he could be called Genius Bruiser Hippo.

It really depends on how smart Hippo actually is. He definitely does strike me as having at least above average intelligence.
Ay! I was starting to get worried about you. I've really enjoyed the series thus far and was hoping you weren't having more and more issues pile up behind the scenes. Good to hear you'll be back.
@Tomcat_X: His mistake was not linking Hawk's mouth shut. Then again, that would require him to take off the helmet
If there is one thing you can count on, it's Hawk having a big mouth and spoiling your day because he will NOT. SHUT. UP.
Hawk: Worth it.
"That was close"

You're not out the woods yet, Gecko.
She may be a sailfish right now

But she's still...
@ThePink0ne: Gotcha covered
... Damn. Gecko's powers are actually pretty rad when you think about it. Takes planning, but if you can do that, hot damn.
Oh my god James you did NOT just make that joke.

I'm dying.
Dan Genesis
February 15th, 2019
@TH3GADFLY: Yare yare daze...
@TH3GADFLY: Though since we're on the subject, there's two f's in "Buffoon"
@TH3GADFLY: PFFT I didn't even see that myself. I was literally just commenting that Hawk doesn't strike me as "reckless" because though he does crazy stuff like invade their HQ, he doesn't go in guns blazing and beats a hasty retreat when he's found out like a thinking man.
Hmm... not entirely sure about "reckless".

Buffoon, definitely though.
@TH3GADFLY: That is actually MORE ridiculous than what I was expecting.

Which is this by the by:
@SuperBunnyBun: An adorable cartoon Bunny Bun in a city full of humans and animal-themed superbeings?

It'd be like Pooh in the MCU (well, aside from the fact that you have the "animal-themed superbeing" thing down)
@SuperBunnyBun: Hilariously out of place as it would be, I'd be okay with this.