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Life should be fun. It is too short for me to care what is "normal" and what is not. It is much more fun being me, all craziness included. If I want to go dance to my favorite song in public, I am going to. If I want to wear bright red lipstick one day, I most likely will. If I want to put my hair in some crazy updo, I hope everyone takes a picture. Life is too short to worry about stupid things. It is about having fun and living the life you have the way you want to live it. It is never too late to start living life.
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Does this mean no more Naked Days?
So that is what happened!
I love tuna! I can not stand Pumpkin Pie. It makes me sick.
I was wondering if you were going to have them be born, or just let it go. I am happy you went through with it. :)
What happened to Corndog candybaby? I wanted to see where that went.
Really? That is the second time I have heard that a moving baby is like Alien. Now that I have to watch me belly move, I have to say....I agree.
Happy Halloween!
I handed out candy this year. I could not really dress up with my 6 month pregnant belly.
He is completely right. Some of us are different 24/7 and made fun of for it. Then on Halloween people celebrate there difference. It would be nice if it was that way all the time.
Awwww! You evil man!
What are your plans for Halloween? The only reason it is around now a days for kids and awesome people to do something.
September 25th, 2012
It surprises me that in the end Sid becomes the black blob sidekick, and Boo becomes the butt kicker.
I have come to figure that all will be clear in time. There is no reason for you to throw random things at us and finish nothing. I am looking foreword to what is next.
Is she really fit, or starved? It is hard to tell. Otherwise, good work!
August 9th, 2012
NOW they get back to why they climbed the tree in the first place!
I see some butt kicking in the near future.
Hey! I like '90s music!
I almost expected him to pull out a rod with and magnifying glass on it for a while.
I have always wondered, why blue? Kinny changed his hair to brown to see his family a while back, so it is not his original color. Why dye it blue? Is not black a more "evil" color?
I would like to hear the rest of Mr. Plant's story. It could really be out there. Maybe have voodoo, or a witchdoctor in it, who knows?
What happened to the gauntlets?