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April 21st, 2019
I might have rushed this a little bit but I've been waiting a good five years to draw what's about to happen next so lmao
thank yoouu
I am DEFINITELY (finally) coming into the style for this comic so expect a lot more consistency from here on out. I'll get around to redoing the older pages so it all matches but that's my last priority.
We're actually getting to story... and plot... and character things... amazing...
I have a tumblr btw it's some concept art and lots of castlevania fanart
March 24th, 2019
The bright white text bubbles were a bit much so I made them more gray. Easier on the eyes, I think.
March 23rd, 2019
Doing a Saturday and Sunday update this week :)
All I can think about is how uncomfortable that sleeping position would be...
sound effects are not my specialty
@shereny: (thank uuuuu)
How's Siioi pronounced?
pages are about to start looking real ambitious
February 17th, 2019
So so so so so so happy to announce I've been signed on to illustrate a chapter in the third volume of Undad, a wonderful graphic novel series by Shane W Smith. Go check it out!
the lighting is so pretty
February 10th, 2019
Im trying to work my way towards an update very saturday and sunday but I tell ya :/
January 28th, 2019
@shereny: the best ideas always are
January 26th, 2019
Baby no D:
January 20th, 2019
If you want a better look at what's on the tapestry in the bg of panel one
January 13th, 2019
Oh look the art is good again and I feel better
January 6th, 2019
@shereny: Don't apologize for the long comment I love it <3

And I know the art isn't horrible but I also know it's not living up to what it could be.

I'm glad you're enjoying the comic :) Thanks for reading.