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:o :0 :O

I'm going to take a small hiatus to celebrate the fact that I've actually made it this far with the comic and let all of you stew on what on earth just went down.
what update schedule lmao
find him on tinder obvs
This page is sorta incomplete but I really can't work on it anymore, I've been battling a migraine all weekend so no long term screen staring for me
Panel four (and the whole page) looks spectacular
@shereny: heck yea
friendly reminder the floaty things are blood
alien food :0
no more close ups pls
tsk tsk. always so nosy.
May 19th, 2019
If you want to know what happens in the upcoming pages feel free to message me and I will fill you in as well as tell you when it's safe to view pages again!
So I will post a warning page before next week's page but here's your advance warning that there will be blood and wound infliction in the upcoming pages! If you don't want to see that but still want to know what happens send me a message and I'll fill you in and tell you when it's safe to view the pages again :)
I'm so excited~ And I just can't hide it~
April 21st, 2019
I might have rushed this a little bit but I've been waiting a good five years to draw what's about to happen next so lmao
thank yoouu
I am DEFINITELY (finally) coming into the style for this comic so expect a lot more consistency from here on out. I'll get around to redoing the older pages so it all matches but that's my last priority.
We're actually getting to story... and plot... and character things... amazing...