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your shadow
who are you and why are you reading my description?!?

Only jokeing! Hi, I'm Your shadow! I'm anime artist, however I try other styles. I'm normaly a nice guy, I have a great sense of humor.

If you have the time, please check out the following comics listed below. =D
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sorry about all my posts guys. just had a lot too post. I hope you guys like them =D
a touching moment we shared, it was a great moment. i was trying a new coloring style. i have no idea how i did it.
I never really drew anybody kissing before, i wanted to give it a shot.
the last drawing i made for her. its ok though.
The one of the last drawings i made for my ex. Just me and a few friends.
hey guys long time no see. sorry i've been gone so long. Just been busy trying too get my life back on track. long story short. Heart break, followed by a new love. =3
alucard would win lol (i've drawn alucard a few times if you like 2 see)
Adventure time is getting a lot of fans, I'm seeing it everywhere. so i thought i would try the style. this is me and a few friends. (made a few mistakes, and i thought i should point out)
Damn work keeps me busy, i'll try to make something.
@dreager: I like to think so. =D
What's easily the most girly drawing of my life. I thought, It would be nice to draw this for my girl friend. I hope she likes it. What i fear in this is, how easy it was to make. Why was it so easy!? I'm not a fan of the show, and this was my first time drawing it.
It still haunts me. O.O'
@dreager: Thanks! I want to make another one, but haven't had time.
Im going to try to do this one too. Sorry my work has been taking up all my free time. That's what happens when you have to clean up after doctors.

Edited 10/1/12: DAMN IT! I missed it! =( Sorry I've been really busy.
me and my girl friend. That's some of her art work on my shirt. =D
My first drawing of my girl friend. =D
Took long enough! At last its updated. I made this back when i was last dating. Ha ha, it just reminds me i need to get a girl friend.
Lazy drawing, no? Yeah, i was just trying an idea out for my comic.