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I'm Seana! I love anthing Pokemon related, drawing, and video games!
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Expect the next page to be a bit late because I have school camp next week.
(30 fans, yey.)
‘I did not sign up for THIS.’
Forget about that LOOK BEHIND YOU BOI IT’S HIM
Aaandd he/she’s a Mew again! Woo hoo!
I honestly hear more of a squeak than a rip in the 4th panel haha
"Rambu! This is the 5th window you've broke today, and it's only Monday!"
I TOTALLY did not do this page LAST MINUTE
So I'm guessing 'Chasing Death' isn't coming back then?
(Can't wait!)
Oof, glitch got me.
Um, the link isn't working either? (Dammit! I wanted to know what happened!)
@Volt the fox :3: Or even a Poke without legs...

Is another day
After a long hiatus, I am BACK, baby!
I... have no idea what to say... ^^;
"This is me. You're probably wondering how I got into this mess."
Oh no... the glitch is back.
@DarkFlameOSecrets: This guy's going to be the next surprised Pikachu haha
This was not Caterpie's day today.
Oh no! It's the magic of CRL V+C!
(As a traditional artist, I'm jealous you have that kind of power XD)