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I just wanted to get in on the conversation
Is it spelt Krystal? Or have I been wrong?
This made me laugh when I first saw it, I love how speedy’s just like... yeah no not buying it.
Yeah this time, the first time was probably a paw shake or something.
I’ve literally had the exact same idea for a story similar to this and it’s quite ironic how PKM-150 thought of something similar. I never could have made this a thing anyways, well I could but it might not be as good.
He was probably just curios as to if he could this time compared to last, although that raises the question of how he figured out in the first place. Maybe via a paw shake?
That would suck, Man I need a profile picture.
Hahahaha Axel! That’s just like how I sleep.
Ok sooo... who’s fault would this be?
🤦‍♂️Called it!
Oh wait just seen JOSHDK’s post, yeah you’re right, that’s Brian.
Wait a minute is leafy saying a line that was supposed to be jolteons?
Oh great now it looks like they’re all eating sandwiches.
Look at leafy in the last panel and then Brian in the one before, Brian shows as slightly darker which indicates a shiny but it may just be the lighting.