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    Matt Van Dinter
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@Brother Parvus: Cool. Dumb luck, I guess.
@Frank Harr: You do realize I can't go giving away the surprise, right? I can be bribed, however.
@Frank Harr: Please elaborate.
@Frank: Don't strap your seat belt on just yet. It's still the Prologue.
@Frank: Facepalm
@Frank: But what does it mean?
@Frank: He's probably got blueprints for a giant drilling machine.
@Frank: Chortle followed by a hiccup.
Ohhh! Where is it going? Do tell!
@Frank: I suspect he's drunk.
@Frank: Awww! How Sweet!
@Frank: Meta? He's just playing Battleship.
@Frank: Rather than limes, the French eat cake.
@Frank: Napoleon and the author share the same birthday. Make of that what you will.
@Frank: You can seize the deli as a battle prize under maritime law.
@Frank: I doubt Philo wants thing to go better with Alice. (P.S. Some readers don't yet know who Philo is.)
@Frank: Roddy practices kissing using a hand mirror.
@Frank: There's a beaver joke in there, but I'm not going to make it.
@Frank: LOL. Not the typing kind. I actually laughed out loud. (Technically, it was a chortle)
@Frank: Greasy hair was the fashion for... most of human history?