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    Matt Van Dinter
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@Brother Parvus: I can't help myself. She's a saucy minx!
@Fossil: Comments are a reward! Thanks!
@Frank Harr: Is "Anticipation" the opposite of "cipation"?
@Brother Parvus: I'm a slave to the Anti-Climax.
@Fossil: Thanks for saying so! Of course, Scott Adams is better at filling swimming pools with hundred-dollar bills.
@Frank Harr: Winning is relative, I suppose. Godfrey's dignity, however, is ironclad.
@dracone:You are clearly clairvoyant!
@Frank Harr: The Pending Screw Up.
@Frank Harr: A comic where people have a pleasant tea! Sounds thrilling.
@Frank Harr: Ok, but you can sail the seven seas... In the Navy.
Yes, you can put your mind at ease... In the Navy.
@dracone: I guess if 1-bit communication counts as intelligence and talent, then this is your fish!
@Frank Harr: Keep in mind this story takes place in the early 19th century, so everyone - EVERYONE- is literally unwashed.
@Frank Harr: You're correct on all counts.
@Frank Harr: Philo is honing his skills... and Alice is honing hers.
@Frank Harr: "Knuckles", I think.
@Frank Harr: Should? Sure. Will? Good luck with that.
@Frank Harr: Which ones are the adults?
@Frank Harr: Too much coffee?
@Frank Harr: It's also possible that this page is just some silly comic relief.