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drawing,reading, annoying my sister, reading manga, rollerblading, listening to musica.
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i love your sound effects so frigging much >w<
richardis a poor bastard, dosnt really fit in with his siblings and such awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
thats pretty frikn harsh thatslike sayingiwish you'd neverbeenborn O.O
cant wait to see more...
well i can wait takeyour time, but DONOT FORGET ABOUT IT!!
they're socool !! i like the shirtless neckties
OMFDG WTH!!!!!!wht fuier doig sqgo suspense dammnit !!! argH!!!!
*pulling out hair* more!!!!!
intense shit!!
sexi ass pose
here is a gift of
(but I know how you feel i've never gotten past a couple of pages myself and I haven't uploaded anything since i don't have a damn scanner)
but I really reallt really want to see more of this

thanxu >w<
how cute he has 2 daddys now >w<
this ones sexi shit you draw really nice ~^^~
hehe I actually thought he was a seme >,<
kawai panda although it looks like he beat it up a little
hahahaha i luv this kid! >.<
make more
ha ha ha! (malicious laughing
its that evil lady again
i wouldnt mind so much if she died shes such a biotch
wait so hes gay but he used to be married or have a girlfriend?.............I guess i need to read more :)
you need to get friggn published
they get the weirdest funeral jobs I think thats what makes this comic so amazing
while they say that little children are running past them >.<
you have a thing with GREAT subtle hints
you have a really intresting charchol look to your pic , did you do that intentionally?
toatally awsome sclice of life so fareth
cant wait to read more
(p.s. i love your toning / coloring tekniquez)