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Dang, I'm jealous, takes you 30 minutes to make some beautiful art and takes me over 2 hours to not even finish a sketch... ;-;

Oh, how being a perfectionist affects my ability to draw...
Jesus, it got REAL dark and emotional REAL quick.
Happy birfday, Sakarime!
Yeah, I'd rather not, please. . . Thank you.
May 20th, 2019
*GASP* Siren's tied to their back? That's ADORABLE!
May 20th, 2019
I'm sorry, a methane lake? That sounds like it could be quite a sight.
You may say it wasn't worth it, but I say it absolutely WAS worth it, it's beautiful! All those pretty little details!
I feel like this is just your excuse to abuse Eve, lol.
Hmm, an assassins guild?
March 31st, 2019
Uh-oh, I get the feeling that something either very bad or very violent is about to happen, maybe both....
I get the feeling this is gonna be one hell of a chapter, and hopefully, one hell of a way to end a Nuzlocke.

I'm really happy to see this in my feed again, and I really appreciate that you're going to finish this.
They doesn't got this.
Oh my, I really love how you do expressions, especially that one in the 3rd panel, the face of ultimate surprise! But I'm really enjoying this comic so far, can't wait to see what comes next!
That Nincada is so cute, I really love your style!
I actually quite like the new style.
Oh no, they're injured, I hope the Audino's alright...
I'm going with the light is coming from the window.
January 19th, 2019
Hmm, that's a very large net wall, I wonder what they're keeping out? Or maybe they're just fishing, I dunno.
Wow, that's beautiful, nicely done.