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those look like bullet holes to me, I'm pretty sure whoever owned that bag is dead.
October 13th, 2018
Looks like they're still being followed.
ooohhhhh.... that looks painful....
What a unit, an absolute unit, that guy is a unit and a half
The crystals look similar, but they're more purple, and they have a more swirly effect.
Dayum, little bit aggressive, dont'cha think?
That last panel is the absolute best!
OOH, I love your art-style so much, so seeing new pages is always a delight! ❤️
uh oh, the big spooky girl cometh.
I'm loving this comic so far, and congrats on 100 pages!
I'm really appreciating how you seem to be keeping death to a minimum, and are showing it as them just being released, still a sad time, but it could be worse...
September 1st, 2018
Oh wow, that is absolutely gorgeous.
@NikuComics: I don't see why not, they're basically just toes.
I've already got a bad feeling about Ro...
Oh... It's a bit strange being able to see more of Ra's face than just the eyes... that punch looked painful, though...
Hey, TBH I'd also evlove on demand to save Ra, so...

Also, badass Rubber carrying a passed out Ra on their shoulder.
Again, in the cheek, lol.
I don't have anything against it, and this comic is so far doing amazingly, but the cheeks! XD
What is it with characters getting scratched in the cheek??
Can't tear anybody to shreds if you're sleeping! ^o^
August 25th, 2018
@dransnake: woah, it didn't explode, that's a bullet going straight towards the viewer