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Seven Rain
********** Seven Rain **********

Hey, name's Casey.
I'm a typical weeb/nerd/geek/whatever with a love for Japan, nostalgic 90's stuff, cutesy nonsense, etc...

But most importantly I CREATE COMICS! An expanded universe called The EthereaVerse! Check it out!

************ Projects ************

Current series:
- "WOE: Wings Over Ethereal"

Coming up next:
- Various EthereaVerse side stories
- "The Blackjack Chronicles"
(Be patient. That one's gonna be a while.)

Future projects:
- "Project Guardian"
(Will probably follow WOE's completion, or The BJC's, whichever ends first.)

Canceled projects:
- "Black Jack" [Sprite version]

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@sentiashinou: Ahaha believe you me I do it all the time with webcomics! It's hard not to always draw comparisons between one's own story and others when the former is so familiar to you.

Elixa is a fun one. Like a few other characters her personality kinda did a 180 in recent years as I continued to write and modify things behind the scenes.
In fact I don't think it's a stretch to say Lilly kinda hijacked Elixa's old personality back when I was wrapping up Passion.
@sentiashinou: We can only hope!
Seven Rain
September 17th, 2017
@JoKeR: Ha, that's one way to get things done.
Seven Rain
September 17th, 2017
@JoKeR: Man fonts are weird sometimes. Yeah, that sounds pretty messed up. Best bet would be to try find a different source/download for it, if you actually bought it then I'm sure it doesn't matter where you download it from as long as you can prove you paid for it.
Seven Rain
September 16th, 2017
@JoKeR: Maybe it's because your lines have gotten thinner and crisper than they used to be, making the bolder font stand out more?
@JoKeR: A very convenient combination of context clues and vague, dream-like memories.

... Maybe! That's something I don't mind leaving to readers' imaginations for now, hahaa.
@sentiashinou: Being a fan of tormented pacifist protagonists helps, haha. She'd get along well with Ixis!
I wonder if Lindina feels there could've been a way out of the situation without killing anyone.
@JoKeR: Do you really mean it? 'Cuz that's a relief to hear. That was one of the shots I was most worried about, particularly that the blur would make the Etherean structures unrecognizable, but when I tried using less blur the shot was way too cluttered-looking.

And yeah, I'm doing my best to remember that sentiment! It's hard to be a perfectionist when I'm constantly experimenting with effects and such anyway, haha.
I'm still kinda unsure about how this page turned out but I couldn't spend anymore time on it.
@sentiashinou: Fathom definitely carries a level of stress with him that the other characters can't imagine. I love portraying the breaking point of that stress more and more as the story goes on.
Workin' those kidneys right off the bat.
@General.Hankins: Are you perhaps referring to Ancient? If so that's an interesting observation, but I'm afraid it's not the case!
The only prior appearance Methuselah's made has been in his old man disguise.

In fact, just to make things a bit more interesting I'll tell you now; Methuselah is much, much older than The Ancients!
@JoKeR: Ah I just use old panels as a reference, but it still takes getting re-use to the patterns and motions of it? I guess? I just woke up and I'm struggling to think of the right words for it but yeah.
It's definitely an interesting feeling drawing the main cast again after weeks of Crisis and Interim characters!
@sentiashinou: Anywhere else is acceptable, though.
Oh man, so much to re-adjust to. Spent so long drawing the dark backgrounds of Rosen and The Crisis that it was hard for me to make a simple overcast day-time sky. Hopefully it's just me feeling like it looks off.

(It was a trip remembering how to draw Reina and Brigan properly, too!)
@sentiashinou: I put a lot into drawing Dirsta for this title page, glad you like it!
The knights will finally get some time to shine in Chapter 4, so I thought it was time to give them top billing on the title page, especially Dirsta.
To be honest this went through quite a few revisions before I was satisfied with it, and I'm exhausted as of the writing of this comment, so hopefully it turned out good!
(Looking at it now Dirsta's arms could've used a bit more than a mirror and some editing but that tough guy walk look is kinda funny anyway.)

I'm eager to hear what you guys think, and I'm really excited to finally start up this chapter.

Man, I'm starting to regret not including Monica. This ended up a real dude-fest, so I'll probably add her later, completing the group.
(I didn't think much of it before uploading because I was so tired, and even Lowel was a last-minute addition.)
Love it when characters get random outfit changes.
@The_Hankerchief: It's okay though, ya gotta love that douchy side of Zeft regardless. If he was in an 80's movie he'd be the uptight college professor always getting pranks pulled on him.