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Seven Rain
********** Seven Rain **********

Hey, name's Casey.
I'm a typical weeb/nerd/geek/whatever with a love for Japan, nostalgic 90's stuff, cutesy nonsense, etc...

But most importantly I CREATE COMICS! An expanded universe called The EthereaVerse! Check it out!

************ Projects ************

Current series:
- "WOE: Wings Over Ethereal"

Coming up next:
- Various EthereaVerse side stories
- "The Blackjack Chronicles"
(Be patient. That one's gonna be a while.)

Future projects:
- "Project Guardian"
(Will probably follow WOE's completion, or The BJC's, whichever ends first.)

Canceled projects:
- "Black Jack" [Sprite version]

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It seems like every time I get held up by something and come back with a "Hopefully I can get back on track!" I jinx myself and something new gets in my way. Dunno if it's my negative mood lately or what but I've also felt less than satisfied with the end results of my pages and panels lately, but oh well, all I can do is keep trying my best. (And this weekend will be a great pick-me-up so maybe I'll be supercharged to be productive on Monday!)
@JoKeR: Interesting. I'll jot those down for potential future needs, for sure.
@JoKeR: Yeah it's been a real chore, that's for sure, but a lot of it has been fixable so far. (The telemetry and privacy stuff is worrisome but a lot of that can be fiddled with and shut off as well.)
I've thought about trying a nice Linux OS someday, I've used Ubuntu to recover files the couple times I fucked something up in Windows several years back, but too many programs and games I enjoy aren't available on Linux so I gotta stick with Windows.
Maybe I could try dividing my life between two computers with different OSes, haha.
I thought I was back in action but then I decided it was a good time to try moving on from Windows 7 to Windows 10 after the last update, and the whole process wound up being a lot more taxing and time-consuming than expected.

I'm really not a fan of Windows 10 and the decisions Microsoft makes. My workflow has been messed up by unnecessary and irremovable clutter in Windows Explorer and context menus and the whole thing is just a mess, but it had to happen eventually and I heard that Windows 7 security updates would be ending soon, so I wanted to just get it over with now instead of putting off the inevitable.

I'll surely get used to it over time, but sorry for letting it put off this update. I had so many files needing backed up and moved around, (I wanted a clean install to purge some of the junk I had accumulated over the past 8 or so years so I had to manually restore the stuff I wanted to keep from my backup, which took days in and of itself,) and lots of settings to scramble to recover or re-set in my comic-related programs, as well as reinstalling fonts and all kinds of other bullshit.

At least now things are mostly back to normal and I can try once again to get back on a more frequent comic schedule!
Ahaha, Nirrod's face of intense concentration in that first panel.
@sentiashinou: Gonna compose a hipster goth rock album called "Delicate Murder Hands".
There's a lot I could've done better with this page, but my mind was so all over the place last week that I was just happy to get back into the motions.
@sentiashinou: This is now headcanon and you can't stop it.
TOJIII, I can't help but read his lines in that last panel in the tiniest voice imaginable.
@HM2000: It's probably a less significant nickname than it lets on, though they are tangibly related.

@Captain Ghost: They are indeed gems, though just for show, really!

@JoKeR: Indeeeeed!
By the time you're reading this I'll be off spending an extended weekend with a very special gal, so I'll take a few days to get to any comments and stuff. <3
I'll be sure to make up for the absence by getting down on the next page ASAP when I'm back home.

(These creatures will have their proper names revealed very shortly but for now let me indulge myself and call them Mass Production Riftas.)
@Guest: Certifiably.
@sentiashinou: That is also correct.
@sentiashinou: If you expect me to say the very first one then HA! Joke's on you, you're 100% correct.
@JoKeR and @sentiashinou: I can only imagine what Dalson would think of this conversation after he tried to make such a cool entrance, haha.
@evilnidhogg: God dammit that's good.
A shave and a haircut for Dalson's time to shine, an event many years in the making that fills me with the same disbelief as the Ixal fight. It feels crazy to think that this is finally happening.

Hope everyone's looking forward to this as much as I am!
@Guest: Trouble indeeed.
I love how nonchalant Kie-Pur seems compared to Nirrod.