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Seven Rain
********** Seven Rain **********

Hey, name's Casey.
I'm a typical weeb/nerd/geek/whatever with a love for Japan, nostalgic 90's stuff, cutesy nonsense, etc...

But most importantly I CREATE COMICS! An expanded universe called The EthereaVerse! Check it out!

************ Projects ************

Current series:
- "WOE: Wings Over Ethereal"

Coming up next:
- Various EthereaVerse side stories
- "The Blackjack Chronicles"
(Be patient. That one's gonna be a while.)

Future projects:
- "Project Guardian"
(Will probably follow WOE's completion, or The BJC's, whichever ends first.)

Canceled projects:
- "Black Jack" [Sprite version]

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@JoKeR: That's true! I didn't have to second-guess any of them, the structure and characterization are great.
That's a lie and you know it, Kei.
Ooh, surprise edge is always fun.
Seven Rain
November 11th, 2019
lol that interaction in the first panel is too good.
Seven Rain
November 5th, 2019
The tiny face in panel 3 gives me life.
Don't mind me I'm just gonna start calling Shal "Time Ref" from now on.
Sorry for the long wait on this page. I don't really have any excuse, my motivation just kinda... Died. Things have been a bit crazy for me lately, in a variety of ways.
I think WOE might have to go on a hiatus soon, but maybe I'll have another page or two in me first, we'll see. I have big things to talk about but when I reach that point I'll do so with a random little insert page or something rather than hiding it down here in an author comment on a normal page.

(I also experimented a bit with the way I drew the faces and it may have turned out rather sloppy, but oh well.)
@sentiashinou: Ooh, thanks for reminding me. That's a pretty interesting way to handle sparring.
Oh, interfering in their sparring. I wonder if they're aware of it for these very safety reasons or if he does it covertly.
@JoKeR: He is a King after all.
Seven Rain
October 15th, 2019
That Nirrod face is just amazing.
@JoKeR: Ahaha, that's a great way to look at it. Makes me feel better about having to alter the shot.
I originally wanted Dalson to smash the Armaspawn's head against the door, but then he went walked too far into the middle of the hall, the rude bastard.

And yeah, the Mass Production Riftas finally have a name, though there isn't much significance to it since their namesake hasn't been introduced yet, but hey, at least we have a nice short name for them now!

(And for the record, Rifta was NOT an Armaspawn, at least not on the same low level as the mooks seen here. Rifta was a more complex and more powerful being, though their forms/figures share a common connection, obviously.)
Laaan, that serious face.
I can see why, the colors are pretty cool! I like the effect of the spooky hands, too.
@JoKeR: 1 of many. Ixis vs. Ixal was a lot of fun but I've been super excited to finally reach this fight.

@sentiashinou: Just look at that smile!
Got a little experimental with this page. I really dig how it turned out.
Seven Rain
September 24th, 2019
Sweet, sweet, innocent Kie-Pur. You better learn to duck and cover when you see Nirrod try to use magic.