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Seven Rain
********** Seven Rain **********

Hey, name's Casey.
I'm a typical weeb/nerd/geek/whatever with a love for Japan, nostalgic 90's stuff, cutesy nonsense, etc...

But most importantly I CREATE COMICS! An expanded universe called The EthereaVerse! Check it out!

************ Projects ************

Current series:
- "WOE: Wings Over Ethereal"

Coming up next:
- Various EthereaVerse side stories
- "The Blackjack Chronicles"
(Be patient. That one's gonna be a while.)

Future projects:
- "Project Guardian"
(Will probably follow WOE's completion, or The BJC's, whichever ends first.)

Canceled projects:
- "Black Jack" [Sprite version]

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Seven Rain
November 5th, 2018
Your pages always look great even without shading.

And what does it say about my perception of Riaud that I thought that guard was about to lose his knees handing that thing over?
@sentiashinou: Ohmygod I love you, I never expected our off-hand agreement in shipping those two to result in fanart, hahaha.
Seven Rain
October 29th, 2018
Oh you poor guard.
@sentiashinou: Ah but the wait will add so much tension to it all!
@Redjive: Thanks, those panels took more time to hammer out than I'd care to admit so that's great to hear.
@JoKeR: Yeah I was kinda worried it might give that effect. Is it because of the empty floor or the curtain in the last panel looking like part of the rug in the previous one? I might have to go in and change it a bit later.

Made a quick change to the third panel and hopefully that improves the composition a bit. I know the rounded curtain/cloth in the last panel is going to look off beneath that round rug no matter what but this should still be an improvement, I hope.

@TheJGamer: I was definitely trying to go for a mood shift when entering the part of Palacitia where the Ethroy actually lives!
I feel like that first establishing shot looks a bit awkward without some people in it, but I wanted to show a contrast between the bright bustling parts of Palacitia and the dim tranquility of the Ethroy's living quarters.
Can't believe I let this update slip by me. I love this menacing vibe coming from Lady Time.
Seven Rain
October 15th, 2018
Riaud's face in the last panel gives me power.
For some odd reason I find that she looks more mature in color.

I'm not confident enough to truly speculate where the plot is going to end up, (or remember if you've given me any major details in the past,) but if I haven't said it already; I'll be thrilled if this turns out to be some tragic X/1999-style conflict by the end between Sentia/Lindina and their respective higher beings.
@JoKeR: It's crazy how he was just gonna be a random background character. I dunno if I'll ever manage to work on a WOE sequel but him and his sisters have definitely solidified places in it if I do.

@Redjive: Interesting. I've heard of Drowtales, but never checked it out or tried reading it.
Whoooah, is that the Goddess of Time from Part 1?
@sentiashinou: It really does help hammer home that they're related even before it's stated in-comic.
I was torn on whether to show Renny's eyes open in-comic or keep them perpetually squinting, but I couldn't resist that expression.

As for Iza she'll get a more formal introduction soon! Her design still needed a lot of ironing out, which is part of what made this page take longer. (Though it's hardly an excuse for that long of a break.)

She was originally a completely different character, something more along the lines of Merle from Escaflowne, (and with a huge crush on Ixis.) This was reflected in a bit of dialogue between Ixal and Xellis that I later edited/retconned as her character was scrapped and replaced with her current form. She was just an overall useless character and a remnant of old-ass WOE writing. I like having the characters acknowledge Ixis being exceptionally cute but I don't want to give WOE any unnecessary harem anime flavorings, (though I couldn't help but keep Renny's teasing in despite the jealousy no longer being part of her actual character.)
Seven Rain
September 24th, 2018
I love it when characters actually use capes in combat.
@JoKeR: We know the who, and the how will be revealed by the end of the chapter as well!
(Sorry for the late reply, my initial reply must've gotten eaten by my browser.)

@Redjive: That'd be hilarious. Imagining Dalson with a plastic straw and little darts.
Seven Rain
September 19th, 2018
I love her expressions.
Yeah for real those lighting effects are awesome!
Seven Rain
September 12th, 2018
@JoKeR: Was it to perfect that dude's fatness? Because that would definitely be a marvelous reason.