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Seven Rain
********** Seven Rain **********

Hey, name's Casey.
I'm a typical weeb/nerd/geek/whatever with a love for Japan, nostalgic 90's stuff, cutesy nonsense, etc...

But most importantly I CREATE COMICS! An expanded universe called The EthereaVerse! Check it out!

************ Projects ************

Current series:
- "WOE: Wings Over Ethereal"

Coming up next:
- Various EthereaVerse side stories
- "The Blackjack Chronicles"
(Be patient. That one's gonna be a while.)

Future projects:
- "Project Guardian"
(Will probably follow WOE's completion, or The BJC's, whichever ends first.)

Canceled projects:
- "Black Jack" [Sprite version]

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@Yenzala: Oof, I'll have to remember to brace myself for cruelty, then.
This is always a cool turning point, gonna be interesting seeing where this goes!
Saved by a friend and in mortal danger? Or sudden hidden action powers/transformation?
@Redjive: (Yenzala's been around for a while, actually!)

Y'know jokes aside an EthereaVerse table-top game would be pretty cool.
@Yenzala: Thanks, it took a surprising amount of fiddling to try and make it look good, rather than just goofy, haha.

@TheJGamer: It's addressing Rosen. As for the six eyes, who knows? Maybe something similar appeared in the first dream sequence of Ch3.
(A few readers might even recognize them from some old concept art of mine, but pointing out where to find it could spoil some of the mystery, so I'll just leave it out in the wild for those thorough enough to want to find it~)

@sentiashinou: It's a very rare condition and he's very sensitive about it.

@JoKeR: You mean Rifta's "God"?
@Redjive: That would be Rifta, Zeft, and the Rosen chapter, respectively.

(There are actually hints in Rifta's dialogue!)
@JoKeR: What guesses might you have?

@TheJGamer: You're not the first one to guess that!
Rosman seems very... Tired.
@Redjive: If you think we're having fun now wait until the day I finish WOE and get started on the Ixal-focused prequel!
A personal trend I've noticed is that every prequel I have planned/written is much darker and sadder than the stories they precede.
@JoKeR: Quite familiar indeed.

@TheJGamer: That's a pretty vague query, haha.
@sentiashinou: I like that you associate music and stuff with characters and stories like that, I'm the same way, which is why I've filled the character bios with theme songs and still keep that Music section around for WOE's fake little soundtrack, haha.

J-pop/K-pop can be a bit hit or mess for me but I do enjoy certain songs. (Of the three you shared I think I'm most partial to "Hush".)

That's a pretty spot-on sentiment, though. If you don't mind me rambling a bit; when I first started WOE Reina wasn't gonna be much more than a love interest, and at some point I realized how boring and awful of a path that would lead everything down, (not to mention cliche,) so a few years after starting the comic she was totally reworked into one of the most important characters in the story.
Season 1 focuses a lot on her and Ixis, (and Ixal,) growing and overcoming problems and fears individually, but when Season 2 rolls around there will be more focus on the pair being stronger together.

A bit spoiler-y but I'm keeping it vague enough! I just want to stress that you've nailed the inevitable direction they'll take.
@Redjive: That's actually an interesting choice of words, because I can tell you now that nobody has "control" over these dreams of his!
@Redjive: They surely get exhausting after a while, in more ways than one.
@Redjive: JoKeR was referring to his own comic, which can be found here;

Keep in mind you can click the usernames of other SJers to be taken to their profile, where you can see comics they make/read!
"Or maybe I'm bored, and want to see you fail."
I really love that line.
@TheJGamer: He doesn't like to talk about it.
@JoKeR: This is gonna be a very important dream scene.
@mitchellbravo: I don't mind at all, go right ahead! (I'm glad you like it, I was kinda worried it didn't really do Marie justice.)
@Redjive: Reminder that she landed a clean hit on him before Ixis could.