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An artist who can't quit comics. Like that part in Brokeback Mountain.
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    B. MacBride
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January 9th, 2019
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for taking a look at this first little piece of Gallico, a project I've been dreaming of bringing to fruition for years. This prologue is a bit strange; a memory from the past, accompanied by an intimate letter from ten years in the future. The letter reads:


I just remembered: I first saw you in Rome, not at Gallico. You were with a priest called O’Brien whom I was observing. I was considering a job that I had been offered. I need not explain what job, not to you. Maybe I thought it was a shame that you were there, because you looked so young, and because you had an excitement and a conviction that showed on your face. But I don’t know, really. My memory is coloured by the way I feel now. But we need not rely on memory. I have kept a detailed account of these past ten years. Forgive the callousness with which I have written these first entries. Or forgive my failure to maintain that callousness. Or don’t.

I don’t know if you will ever choose to read this note or the rest of the journal. Part of me hopes you won’t. The part that is afraid of your knowing my thoughts, or the part that doesn’t wish to hurt you. Let me say one thing: you may find this hard to believe, but I am not so cruel or lacking in general sense as to say that I love you out loud. But I have written it down many times in this journal, perhaps to keep my sanity. I am sorry. I love you.


Please take the time to read the synopsis and content warnings on the News tab. Thank you!
Do you have any plans to host Altar of Pine on any other platforms, like tapas? Awesome work as always! 2 updates a week would be great!!
October 25th, 2018
This character with the blonde bob is cracking me up. I can't stop giggling at the sparkles panel.
one of the cutest and best done comics I've seen. the 70's manga style gives it such an adorable nostalgic feeling, and the little animations here and there give it a lot of character. and the pizza commercial is great lol. really like this one so far
the art is unreal, every panel is perfect
What a whopper of a first chapter... nice work!!
Rosa is butch queen
her outfitttt HER SHOES <33
omg the lil monsters on the card look like them