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Ethan eon
I like Pokémon,SAO, and reading Pokémon fanfics and cómics.
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I think this two pages are reference of Ike (In smash up special (up b))
The hitmonlee face in the second panel lol
Kishi in the last panel is so cute
When link said volvagina I lost it really hard
You watched that video that too?
@Excalibeon-Z I noticed too and it obvious how he teach flare how because of when he temporarily evolved into a flareon
Unexpectedly I thought of fire emblem heroes
It is me or the Azael tales flag or cover is more in ruins or something
Lol this happened to me in the psmd game I literally got a floor and when I enter a new one the stairs literally appear in my face or down me
What Sasha said in the first panel is suspicious
Eve used copycat
Eve used Ryu’s shoryuken!
I’m surprised no one said nothing about the fact that the ralts is shiny
last Panel I got the reference
At this moment they knew they fuck up *eve obliterates them*
Lloyd looks better in the first panel
@racingwolf: author did you know that the name Leon is used by a riolu in the story called pmd: tales of elysium
@CristPK: what are you talking about?
@NikkiFenir: I’m curious, where you find that comic?