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The maker of Countryballs: The Comic. Oh, and I also love Warrior Cats:
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@righteouscomic: I guess the annoyance makes you more annoyed than normal that even the disease couldn't make you be good about it.
*Flashbacks to 1916*
So the cure to this goodness disease is... locking people in a room.
Long live the ramen man. Banzai banzai!
When I first saw the phrase reduction in force, I thought he was going to ambush them with his secret police or something.
New Ally
Ramen Man - Effect: Gives you free ramen.
@righteouscomic: We'd better just tranquilize him, tie him up, and force him to take the breath mint.
Mission failed, the plan was foiled, we'll get him next time.
Lesson learned. Never destroy a Samurai's ramen.
Guess I'll have to wait for the next page to find out.
He's obviously going to beat the ninjas, he has a shotgun. *insert Battle of Shiroyama here*

Great start of a comic, by the way, can't wait to see how it goes. :D
Greg has the right idea. Who wouldn't want to meet aliens?
@righteouscomic: Well, there is a saying that we destroy our enemies by making them our friends. :D
Spread the disease to the aliens too!
@righteouscomic: Wow, that's a lot. Good Luck! :D
@righteouscomic: Well, at least the world would be better place if everyone started helping each other instead of thinking of money. Money probably wouldn't exist anymore, since everyone would help each other for free. Great comic, by the way.
Hmm, everyone gets treated equally in a good way, even without money. Seems like a better version of communism. :D
Oh Noes
Did something happen to Moonlight? Or did something happen to some other wolf? Guess we'll never know until the next page.