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-occupation:suffering student.
-likes:food.sleeping.drawing.reading>manga+fiction+etc.surfing the>DBSK+others.Maplestory.
-current goal: get a tablet because using a mouse to CG is death.

Kiyomi has two DA accounts
her old one:
and her new one:

Wear it or else he'll go insane! XD
lol, this page is full of (pardon my language) "wtf".
Run Sanders, run!
Julia looks cute. -·w·-
man, I haven't been on SJ for ages! Yea for updates! =D
I know I'm being a prick for doing this but... you spelled "stopped" wrong. Missed a "p"
When someone gives you an angry glare like that, you know she's a bitch. <3
Hey,you shouldn't worry too much about updating. Since this is not really your job, you should go at your own pace.
(Like me! I suck at updating because of laziness or I'm working on assignments/studying for school)

Angry guests are always angry, they probably get off the wrong side of the bed every morning or something.

Anyway, true fans will be understanding if you need time to develop your story, because a good story is all that matters in the end.

Good luuuuuuuuuuck! xD
... hey, wasn't she a he before? or maybe it's me with bad memory? *too lazy to go back and check*

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long, it's just that university has been so tough this year!
I'll try to start updating more frequently~

I'll also like to announce that Blue Sky, my new webcomic is up! (it's also on Smackjeeves) please go take a look~
The pages are no good right now, but I'll fix those up as soon as possible!

it's so bright... YUM.
Moe looks pretty cute as a girl xD
ahahaha, drooling on a bus~
@Andreua: Thank you! =D

@fgirlmaggie: Ahahahaha, funny story~ xD
... ahaha?

Ahaha, I spammed with the star brush.

You shall see what this is all about very soon~


you updated! yea~ =D

you updated! yea~ =D
So, it turns out... my editor has been reading this comic right to left.
You're supposed to read it left to right, 'kay?~
I'm going to try to update as soon as possible, but I've got finals coming up soon, so please be patient~
(Rayya = Ray = Adair's sister)
Speech bubble spam.
Who would have thought that summer school would be so hard?
I don't think I ever want to take summer school again.

I found out that AC/DC and Epik High are really good! =D So give them a try if you're into rock and (Korean) rap.

I'm still playing around with different types of shading.

As you might be able to tell, I found the "gradient" tool on PS and tons of fun. lol.