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'D_T_D' - dropped

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Thank you for the support everyone! ^-^
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Yaaay XD

It's so dead on smackjeeves... o3o
I'm getting lazy...and my pencil is dull xD

That's all I have for now :P
Some sort of intro thing on how they got to Cafe Bliss xD

Thought I need to post something. It's quite dead around here =3=;
Weeee the other twin =w=;

Now we're just waiting on Scotty & Cheezie.

Spots for authors are still open so anyone new & from the old collabs can still join. Just send in an app :P

Oh yeahz. I added a banner. Cause Scotty fails & never put one up even though she was in charge of it XD

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>

Forum & Paint Chat are up & running. Links on the right!!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>
asdfghjkl; Alright time to get things started xD

I totally forgot about this until Nara posted the other day lol.

So yeaaah....I'm too lazy to make their pictures prettiful...I haven't drawn in a long time so bear with my drawing skills. XP
Lol it's okay :P

The collab & forum are all set up. Just need everyone to apply & revive Cafe Blis now! xD
Please fill in this for your character(s), and upload it under the chapter 'Character Profiles'! Thanks! :)
Lol you need to make me an admin and let me actually upload stuff in the collab. Currenlt not allowed to do anything xD
Scotty really wanted to start up the collab again, but I wasn't sure how many people were still interested xD

I'm pretty busy with school until summer vacation though so I don't really have any time to set up anything... Wondering if I should restart the collab.

Scotty was also thinking of doing a whole new collab with everyone. New story and stuff.

How does that sound?

We would need to find new authors probably either way since we've lost a lot of members.

I fail at organizing collabs LOL
I just said we'll need to see how many people are actually still on smackjeeves ;P
Any specific theme like autumn, winter, Christmas, New Years, etc., Melon? ^-^
Oki doki Cheezie xP

And Neko, any characters is fine as long as there are references :]
1st Place: Drawing of characters of choice ((max. 3 characters)) with background, coloured from Chi

2nd Place: Drawing of characters of choice ((max. 3 characters)) with no background from Scotty and coloured by her brother

3rd Place: Lineart of characters of choice ((max. 3 characters)) from Scotty

Please leave a comment stating the character(s) with references, background, theme, etc.

Sorry it took so long gaiz! Scotty JUST gave me her votes and I was sick for a while. But it's finally up XD

Congratz to the winners and thank you to all that participated :]

That's amazing...and creepy at the same time XD

If you guys still want to post contest entries, go ahead. Sorry I couldn't post results as I said I would but I got a fever and am still recovering from it D:
Yes, your entry can be whatever you want. Doesn't even need to be a drawing. Can be a poem, story, etc. :]
Just a reminder that Halloween is coming up and the contest deadline is drawing nearer!

Get your entries up as soon as possible!
lol sure why not xD
I meant Anna. She's gonna help xP

So far there are 4 judges: Chi (me), Scotty, David and Anna.

@ leopardpelt: The entry for the contest does not have to relate to Cafe Bliss. I know a lot of people probably have other halloween things they're working on, so instead of getting you to make a whole new entry, you can enter the one you're working on in the contest 8]