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Game Over
Well,I like series with Sonic, Megaman, and mario in them but they must be funny or have one heck of an story! I really dont like series with numerous authors as it get muddled way to fast. Anime you speak not of infront of me! ONLY MANGA!!
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My wait time seems to be about a year or two before I go on an epic journey to find the creator of a series and beat them....Encourage them to continue. So yeah....
GAAAAAAAHH! I give up. I used all my brain power today and I give up trying to figure this out now...
Give me a second...Nope, Head still hurts
Okay, It seems almost enough time. I guess I'll find that deviant art page of hers and see if she forgot, Or maybe she had to give up on it... Anyone wanna come with me?

Edit: Woot! It wasn't forgotten! Though it seems like life doesn't want this awesome comic to update...
Hey, Part 2 of Part 2?....?
Oh Craaaap.
Gack. I'm going to miss reading it but will gladly buy it when you get it published! *Cries a little.*
Crap! I said it take a year or so and... It did.
No! You can't keep Marine! Just look at the readers reactions! If evil people got her they could easily use her to rule the world by annoying everyone into submission! She's the most powerful being in the whole world!
My god...His Ego...It hurts!
Beaten by mechinal parrots

Edit: Also, Pretty Evil Beam coming from Bass's cannon.
Wow, She CAN annoy anyone!

Wait, that's not a Full Nelson. Drat.
Hey, Fan sitting here. Don't touch.

Also, I like it.
3 months later...

EDIT: More time passes.

Edit Edit: 8 months have passed now... I'm still waiting for the creator to return. Many have left, some have given up hope. I seem to be the only one still waiting inside. I've seen some people wander through... But they don't stay long. But I shall continue waiting. Until the creator and her partner return with another doctrine....
Though I've heard that she seems to have some sort of resting place... Maybe A few more months...
You changed it...Ah...I was enjoying the Old one.

Woo! Zero's other weapons! Now let's see which ones he kept..