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Dollhouse is amazing, I'm currently working my way through season two(on netflix.)

And the helpful spider is awesome.
Is it just me or does winston have a darkside aura? That's if you ignore the lamp stand and then focus outwards slightly so all you see is the dark shadow that's beginning to envelop him. Then again it does make sense that he would be darkside.

1. He has a red "laser" sword.

2. He tried to poison April.

3. He killed a Cat (most likely a kitten)

4. He doesn't help clean up.

5. He has a mean look on his face at least once in three of the four comics he's been in.

6. He's generally unhelpful.

7. He distracts people while they try and watch television.

8. He probably started the fire.

9. He didn't help Apple Chan when she was lost in the game shop.

10. He has a red "laser" sword.

So there you go ten reasons why Winston is darkside. Did I miss anything?
Samus wins hands down(and not just because Carter sucks.) Her powersuit is far more advanced than any version of the MJOLNIR armour and far more resistant to damage. Her weaponry is definitely more advanced as well. If armour and weaponry are taken out of the equation then the battle between Samus and a Spartan is going to be a lot more balanced although the Spartans near unbreakable bones may tip the balance in their favour.
Yup, the author is from sunny England. And even though I don't need to say it, I'm game.
But obviously it doesn't. For example zelda twilight princess never requires you to get up off the couch(a simple flick of the wrist works fine.) But with wii tennis the angle you hold the controller at(etc.) effects your on-screen actions and therefore a simple flick of the wrist doesn't always have the required result.

(I'm not getting at you or anything just disagreeing with the "quick-wrist-flick" school of thought.)
You do know that's how I grew so tall? except I have to eat lots of them so that the effect doesn't wear off.
I love how the rain Isn't actually falling, I mean sure it's not as heavy as when they first landed but aside from that it's not going anywhere. Or maybe its not rain and I'm seeing things.

AS for canderous and his health I don't think he looks much worse than he did but if he does then its probably got something to do with uniting the clans and living on dxun for however long.
Why Don't Shepard's cooling systems work? I mean he/she can happily strut around barbecueingly close to lava, fire, evil dark energy suns and other such hot substances without feeling the effects. Then again it would kind of ruin the joke in the first panel so forget I said anything...
Well done getting the "Shepard! You're alive?!" line in.
Um... Shouldn't that be "like that!" not "light that!"

oh and nice sunset, and just general composition.
I doubt it(or at least ones of this kind,) its probably more that its just a scaled down version of the standard tardis that we've seen in other comics. If this was a .jpg image rather than flash then it wouldn't be visible but it's flash and therefore retains all image data(even if its non-visible) whereas a .jpg file would compress it and you would loose things as finite as that text.
@oman96 - No, a "cheap" shot would of been mentioning the incident involving a non-existent 29th feb.
Its actually slowly getting closer... actually wait no, its just hovering, if it was getting closer it would be bigger in the last panel.

I also love how high the "image" quality is, if you zoom in you can actually read that its a police public call box. I guess that's an added bonus flash has over standard images.
Reading the above comments has made me realize it has been way too long since I played through either of the kotor games(I sense a potential marathon coming.)
What time does it say on the clock thats hidden behind the speech bubble in the first panel?

oh and um great comic.
Awesome. Also love the centre computer display in the first panel.
I know who he is although I already partially read your comment so... I wouldn't say I'm entirely reliable, although I'm 99% sure I wouldn't of had a problem recognizing him had I not.

Also if the reason for joker not leaving the ship very often is because hes a werewolf does that mean the rest of the crew are "diseased" because they don't take too many outings either?
@Katarn - Actually Mira states that your too old for her and she doesn't want to have to establish dominance over the other females on your team. Put simply she isn't interested in the exile.
I love the Normandy in the last panel.