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Well there is not much to say. I am in school. I have no time for homework, because it is an annoyance, but i do the bare minium.

I like to see the creative nature of the human society. The best way to do that, read everything and anything.
FYI: If I make a comment on a page, please understand I am at times a very 'dry' humored person that likes to miss spell, but I also like to give good feedback, becasue honesty for growth is important.
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February 29th, 2008
I really am nothing, wow how very unproductive for his life, please feel loved and noiced, sending wishes*****
ACTION! its crazy and thats kind of what i expect from Bart, ya know?! Trigger-happy is like camera-happy once your finger hits the button everything is in the way :P
Thats what the weekends are for, the complete dead weight of the week is droped and your brain turns off. This is why they have school, its to do everything you would do on a magical nonexistant vacation and so forth.
LOVE the caption! Destroy us all! My life is over.