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Huge nerd.

Occupation: IT support.
Hobbies: drawing, videogames, anime, cartoons, comics, Pathfinder roleplaying.
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That escalated quickly.
Hah, off to a good start.
Haha, nice to find a common ground.
Haha, wholesome meeting.
Barbie action figure, cool idea.
I like the idea of there being aliens on every planet in the solar system.
Sweet comic.
Aww, that was really sweet.
He definitely deserved the fire extenguisher.
These comics makes me smile.
Hah, this made me chuckle.
Oh no, not the puns.
Ey, you got the reference.
Cool map.
Really cute cover page for this comic.
I like this little bit of info.
Hehe, riding giant caterpillar looks like fun.
Interesting face on the statue.
Just wanted to say that I think the cover page looks really cute.
That's a big a smile.