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Huge nerd.

Occupation: IT support.
Hobbies: drawing, videogames, anime, cartoons, comics, Pathfinder roleplaying.
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That's a big a smile.
Interesting start.
Why does it start with chapter 2 page 3 though?
At least you got a good perspective thing going on.
I really like these face expresions.
This is really cute.
Surprisingly cute turn of events.
I read up to this from your tumblr post so I'm quite curious on where it goes from here.
I find the face expression in the last panel quite amusing.
Such determinance!
Fun fact:
The first commercial chewing gum was invented in 1848 by John B. Curtis.

But people have been found to use chewing gum since 6000 before Christ.
Good job on the face expressions.
The lineart on this looks good.
I like the style.
I can relate to the feeling of getting up way too early in the morning.
That fourth panel is hilarious.
This had me laughing. Good jon!
Did she get a goldfish from the petstore clerk?
Crazy goldfish lady reminds me of a newer comic.
Love the face expressions in this page.

Those poor fingers!
Oh look, it is the devil child.