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that's funny :-D
It is a good comic, but some of the pictures are kind of blurry. I don't know if that is part of the "low budget" idea.
He didn't want to marry Cleopatra so she chained him up. He saying I'm never going to get married, as in never getting married in the future.
This one is my favorite! It is so funny. Well done.
You didn't actually say anything about the character so it's not really a character sheet.
Good Beginning
A good start but you should have said how the crown disappeared. There is a blurry photo.
uh huh...
Why is the horse now a cart???
Good Ending
This was my favorite of your comics. It made sense and was clear. Very nice.
Reply to speech bubbles
We put them in square speech bubbles so as to differentiate them from the normal (circle) speech bubbles. These were just meant to show their names.