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why does the knight scream
"NOOOO! Maria! I love you!"
You posted to pages that are the same.
A spelling mistake in the second last picture.
I'm not sure, but I think she s falling into a dream world or something.
They are getting married, but the next day, and because Cleopatra didn't want him to run away, she chained him up.
Do you mean Cleopatra?
Why is Majesty standing in the air while she is turning Georgie back to a unicorn.
I liked the end, it was funny, but I don't really understand this story.
Cool picture!!
Why is Elizabeth standing on her head on the horse, and why does Marvin ask a question and answer himself.
I don't understand this sentence
"A long time ago he was a fierce and mean pirate until he got kicked off his ship for being too nice."

Was he mean first and then became nice, and because he became nice he got kicked off his ship?
wait, sorry now I get it.
It's really good now, 5.
I don't understand this page at all.
I think the end is the page that make most sense, good job, a 5.
Did that little guy shoot the pirate?
Did one of the pirates fall over board?
Is it supposed to say "She is very brave [and but] she is scared of the Green Dragon."
I think it sounds weird when it says "Margaret is the evil wife of Count Drake. She is also evil".
Maria's Mom
You have written the same thing for Maria's mom two times.