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I'm a totaly stupid and freaky girl that you can find ever....I LIKE BUNNIES!!!! I don't really have any hobbies.. I go to gymnasium....
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OMG IT'S SOOO GOOOD!!!!!! <sneak click on fav button> ^w^ okay now I have only to wait for next page...<waits....> @w@
haha, thank you, kuroi_hitsuji, for the comment xD,,, and holy sh*t I got 8 fans! xDDDDD
Lol just to make it still alive till my brains starts working for There is no god.. :)
bla bla bla ~walks away~
Love ya guys! <3
Oh shit I wrote Chistmas,, I mean Christmas!!>.>'
Wow This page is so beautiful.. <3 ^w^
keke,where's going to be a lot of lil' ghosts in this comic,,
and thx I was searching for funny avatar, but your is so kawai and individual.. x))
... :)
kuroi_hitsuji, *thinks*... oh the plot interested you! I totally forgot about that one x)... btw, why did you gave up your oldy pc? xD
Finally 3 page,,! Oh yeah! behold my drowning scene!xD
Everything is said... :D
and oh, kuroi_hitsuji, never thought that you would read this... (btw the fanart for your comic- I got it!... just need to scan it..>.>' xDDD)
September 14th, 2009
Holy tomowly! he's falling!!>.> oh boy oh boy can't wait to see what's going to happen next.. >w<
Oh My gawd! such a sneaky guy he is......
)And I like how you drew the guy first from right in the first panel...) xD
aww, poor you, well I whish you get better from your cold.... :)
WAU! this page so good lookin'... :D <3
*hits head to screen* oh sweet Moly,, I'm lazy.... this page was created after some bad stuff happened.. oh well Enjoy...
oh yes update!!!!!!!!^^
aww, I really wanted to see how he jumps out from the window.... ._.
This is Good *-*,, +fav,,
oh boy, oh boy, can't wait till next page xDD
omfg, this page is just stunning <3 fav for sure... xD
omg you finally updated! xD YAY!
OMG I just Like this lovely page (^-^)
oh wow what a cute girl! ^^
HOLLY S**T!!! you're back! URAA!!! n.n

b.t.w....: Lovely page.... ^^