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Enjoys guitar, is ignored by thou daemons of thus retched world by convent withist thy depression daemon.
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you lost the purple one? =( yeah you portrayed everyone right :D Specally chris, and Robert needs to stop playing video games like Henry O.o its all they talk about in science >.<

'Marrtttann have you done your Coourseworrk?'
-My form tutor/martins D&T Teacher..
scary thing is I heard her say it O.O I'm haunted *runs*
try here:

and its also pretty true what Joseph says, along with him just randomly shouting it out when your not even talking to him..
If I wasn't quoting myseld what would I be doing hmmm?? Talking like a robot!?? HMMS!!£! YARGGHH!!!
You all hate me!
Mr. Tezzle..that would be me, thy retched beasts detest my beating heart of fortituded suffrage.