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Zyro the shiny umbreon
Merry Christmas and btw flare is Soo fluffy>\\\\\\<
Yesss finally lazuli ship speed is about to begin I'm Soo excited!!
Wow Soo that was sunshine is taking about.... Soo he help speed when in theirs a disaster or in trouble....I'm Soo confuse
Yes~ speed ship lazuli is getting more...>\\\\\<
Sunshine is just too cute =\\\\=
Now that speed know that lazuli have a crush on him i can't wait too see what will happen
What's that pokemon name in the 4 and 5 panel
I mean Speedy and lazuli is shipped
Someone is jealous~
Ohh yeah speedy and it's shipped I love it >\\\<
Speedy you should make up with lazuli or give her a gift 
btw the both are my favorite Eeveelutions ship>\\\\<
Well I a bit creep out of that Raichu
So that's why speedy know it was Silvia she fall in the kiss tric
Wew good thing someone help Alex
I'm here to see the pokemon named Ace