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Smart cookie
LOL glasses are only a dream to those not dependent on them.... and those who don’t have to pay for them XD ah well, hope you at least look good with them!! I wouldn’t recognize my face without them anymore
Do itttttttttt
Dam he really hits the nail on the head, huh
Pretty realistic awkwardness XD they’re both so cute
Poor Scott.... over there fanboying lmfao
Shhhh just except your yandere soul, scotty
Well till walked away from their relationship a LITTLE less damaged.
Does getting him arrested for doing illegal shit actually justifying attempted murder? Really???? Because they almost fucking killed him.
Better man than I
Same, he makes a very valid point
Oh yes, I can see the writing on the wall with that ominous blackout foreshadowing
SERIOUSLY. 😢😢😢 Poor Scott...
Damnit Scott if you out carter just cuz you’re jealous and want ruebin out of the way I won’t forgive you. Carter would never do that to you.
Smooth lmfao
Yeah... for sure