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Read and Watch Eeveeloution squad. (SpeedyXLazuli SolarflarexLeafy BlackxPearl) Sylvia doesnt deserve love and vaporeon sucks
D: Black was like totally ready for a soul crushing hug, But he didnt get one. This is so sad, can we get a soul crushing hug for black?
*Or he was T-posing for the meme, who knows
Okay I have nothing against a flareons fur being used for storage. What I find interesting is that she is blushing when he reaches into her fur. Is she embarrassed that he uses her fur for storage? Is he touching certain parts of her that would normally not be touched? Did the camera cause memories of something extremely embarrassing to come up? Does she not like him doing that in public? Something else?
And his move on her turned into her almost apparently cracking his spine. Wonderful. I too have my spine get cracked when I am given a hug
Hmmm... Looks like Black is finally making a move!
Also jeez Glaceon seems to (based off of her right eye on the final panel) seems to think one of them is up to something
just a fear of heights m8
A: Darnit, I thought SpeedyXLazuli won! guess Sylvia never lost interest. or maybe it's her flirty/social side. Hope so.
B: to PKM-150 and Loyka32:
Do you two know exactly where you are going with this comic? Or is it just you make things as you go? Checking back to old comics to make sure everything fits in well, or already have a complete idea of what this universe and comic series has in-store for us?
Sincerely, A random person on the internet
Black as an eevee looks like he could summon an undyne spear and murder speedy 0w0

Watch out for that speedy
In reality she is meliodas 10/10
I like how gai just has all the ships surrounding him (except my name D:) so out of desperation he just asks "new girl" She then reveals that she is a combination of flare, lazuli, black, and someone else... what is the sin of wrath?
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: I wanted to see them go in the boys room D:
Why couldnt espy tell them which one was the boys room :P
Okay two leafeoms isnt confusing at all only thing we have to tell which is which is the eye lashes :P:P:P
Too bad It's bolt...
Black: Omae mou shindeiru. Speedy: NANI??!?!?!
"Ahem" *Leafy turns around, Finds Gai the Umbreon* *Leafy sees Flareon in the shadows*
Flareon:"Omae mou shindeiru" Gai: NANI?!??!?!
@Fluffy_cat233: Jolteon would never agree to that :P but sylvia might find a way to make it happen.
Vaporeon, Like the background character she is, wants to go to get soda, not see a boy ;P
OMG Espeons pose
SYLVIA X GAI?!??!?! SYLVIA X BLACK?!?!??!?! She is obviously going to see one of the boys... but which one??????? also lazuli shouldn't you be on board with this plan?
@Fluffy_cat233: that was a confession :P