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I love manga art.
I hate alot of food.
I especially HATE tomatoes.
I started drawing in sixth grade,although it feels like I still suck every time I improve...standards are terrible.
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Applications? Exciting! I've always adored this collab, always such awesome stuff.
Out of love, I swear.
I like where this comic is heading, and you clearly have quite a bit of talent, but just a tiny little con-crit would be that Mihael looks older than 18 to me, it's good to give your characters distinctive face shape, but Mihaels seems a little too harsh for a guy in highschool (at 18 he's at a bit of a cross-road between boy and man right?). Otherwise you've done a bang-up job on everything else, please continue!
August 14th, 2010
Heeey guys, so yeah, aside from hefty amounts of summer job,and in between the temporary lapses I've had in my sanity, I just haven't willed myself into doing another page .Also, I've been practicing like a boss so my characters actually look like people, have this, I'll be back eventually when I'm done collecting all my marbles.
No,Ukranian, but they're similar.
Mind you I'm quite poor at it lol.
June 20th, 2010
Oh hai
omgggg updaaaaaaate
yeah so was like I accidently deleted the actual page (which was shite btw) and had to totally redo it. Is Quinn crazy? The answer is yes, he already was so why would he care?
Adorably fantastic!!
Thank you for uploading it!
May 31st, 2010
Thanks a ton!!
The raccoon was supposed to be me but... turned out different.
May 31st, 2010
Okay okay...
I've been slacking a lot...but I have the layout for the new page, I was just flim flammering on the dialogue because I kind of rushed it in a bit...I'm still here, just thinking too hard breaks my brain sometimes.
oh wow, I totally did not notice this was a South Park comic at all, haha...where is my head?
Anyways, good job c:
Welcome back.
It's hard to tell I guess but it's a boy.
He's supposed to be kind of androgynous though.
Yes :D
Fortunately I'm going to take like a month off and get some more pages going.
It's been going to slow due to papers.
Loads and loads of BS papers.
Hey all of my 29 (+/-) fans!!
Where have I been? In an alternate dimension that consists of only school work and utter misery!
I have literally only two weeks left to finish up.
I was thinking about doing some art relating to the story but I dunno. Anyways, introducing secondary main character, and yeah I realised that the main hasn't been formerly introduced by name yet, but it'll come along eventually.
April 3rd, 2010
Ah..haha..hence the fantasy part I guess.
This comic is pretty much paranormal.
April 2nd, 2010
he's such a bitch lol.
March 29th, 2010
Since he hasn't been introduced yet in my revision,here's a treat <3
March 20th, 2010
The blondie never shows up, not like that.
March 17th, 2010
March 15th, 2010
emo bitch :3