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I am a begginer artist who's a fan of pokemon!
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Can we all stop and appreciate that water in the last panel though like dayum-
I can't believe I used to make this lmao
It's been.. what... 2 years or something? My art has definitely improved since then.
This is my last and final account. I used to have a comic here too, but it's gone now. I'm starting a new one, but for now it's on DeviantArt (most of the art is pretty old.) Every single one of my accounts are now called Sparkling Donut, or somewhere along the lines of that.
I'm jus putting this here because I wanna let people know where I've been. Bai!
Bruhh XD
@YOU BETTER AWNSER: Get off the internet and finish your homework.
@BudgieGryphon: since the comic started-
I haven't read this comic in a while, I'm so glad I got back to it aaaa!
I got Icedrop and I kinda wanted Greenpaw XD Also, aww Nego is adorable ^^
its been a while since I've commented.
Vay's face at the end is kinda cute tbh.
Im sowwy for the lack of comics.
I'm trying my best but sometimes I don't have time. I need y'all to know that I'm really young. I still have school anf things like that.

I guess I'll explain this comic. This comic is like a half Nuzlocke and half Pokemon AU. This comic is here to explain why my characters' futures are the way they are. The original pokemon story in Ultra Sun and Moon will be changed to fit the backstories of my characters, and I will be adding some new characters.

Ur mun gae
@Miku the eevee (just hatched): ...what are you doing?
@Creamy Eevee: I think Pinkeevee drew that. Not too long ago, in the last chapter, I believe.
@SeahDaLunatic: I kinda wanna be a fridge. They live a... Chill life!

No,its ok,I'll kick myself out..
I feel relaxed.
Just entered the design contest. I can't wait for the results! >w< I might add more entries later
Hewo OwO again.
I think I should post more frequently. Maybe on Wednesdays, too?
Look closely at the 9th panel... Eve has 3 ears...
Hewo OwO
I drew this page and the next page. My style changed a bit since the first comic, but meh. I hope you enjoy this!
Poor Lem, he's too precious for this...
Oooh, that rejection tho
Im sorry..
I lost motivation to continue drawing. However, I have found some and will continue with this series!
Oma, the art ia amazing! Gud luck!