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I just make Bad comicz on Purposez haha i'm typing bad on purpase
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    You really think i would tell you?
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@BestBuilder101: Back in September, i don't think i wanted it to be like a thanos snap, i'm pretty sure they would like.. also be effected.
@BestBuilder101: Hey, Bestbuilder! welcome back!
Goodbye, Hitaus!
I'm back! Y'know.. ehehee. sorry for being gone for so long...
Sorry, i was busy with Halloween and Thanksgiving, but i'm back!
@BestBuilder101: Can you make the next Comic showing what he does?
Back from short Hitaus
Don't you just hate when that happens?
Great job, once again.
@Famimatsu: Oh my god, THIS LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!
You'd really think i'd die?
Nope, i wasn't gonna die. i really just needed a break.
Accepting Co-authors!
Yup, it's me, Unoriginalmspaint! the guy who made that one kirby comic not too long ago. i'm back, with a new comic. By the way, i'm accepting Co-artists.
@BestBuilder101: *Panel 4* (I also forgot to add 4 on there, H O W. jeez i was tired ;~:)
ughhhh my head hurts
I can finally sleep, this took long. probably because i was too busy listening to rhythm heaven. My hands hurt, please send a doctor.
Don't read the Alt text.
Please don't.
@BestBuilder101: Okay, but how about a SEMI-SELF-INSERT.