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Yeah yeah. Sorry for lack of updates, I started school coupla months 'go and didn't get to update til now. YES, I am still working on AOWD as well.

Wow, the fourth page today! :o

Command naoplz! c:
First plot!

And it's more than two pages..^3^

AND two new characters!
I'm sorry I stopped for so long..

If it says continued, do not post any commands on the page.
oohhhh cinnamoroll! XD i love him~ :3 he's so desu.
>Wonder why there isn't a picture of you in your room.
I saw Bye Bye Birdie in 2nd grade X3
>Dance and sing "I love the Nightlife", since the lgihts are off and no one's watching..
>Draw on your brother's picture with a sharpie marker.
I repeat,

>Barge into the bathroom, so you can gawk at yourself in the mirror.
I've always wondered the same thing! XD They must have x-ray vision..
>Go into the bathroom to gawk at yourself in the mirror.
That was mean of Angelia DX