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Xabel Mind
BL artist

Boys Love
Gay doodles

@·_·: But it's a taint to cherish u3u

Thank you for all the comments, I had so much fun reading X"D
@·_·: -Pokes corpse with stick- Wake up, there's more story to unravel :I Wake up or I'll have to carry you there :O
@·_·: ♥ X"D
@·_·: "everyone else is too busy fappin'" that's my dirty secret wish for my readers X"D

And if you hadn't signaled it, I would have not seen the possible pun XD

Thank you, tho :"
@·_·: Thank you :"D
@·_·: I share your thoughts. I've put it as the cover originally, but the admin of this site made me make one new, "less NSFW, more family friendly".

He not even accepted a bust of the original.

I'm glad to know you enjoy NSFW, tho ^-^
@Big.Papi: Awww, thank you ToT

I'm trying to learn to take time off inside my workflow (workaholic) :D

I would be willing to post a bonus if we reach 250 subscriptions (because it would be surprising if we get there), but that would probably come out more like a "thank you" card than a prize.

I've been considering a goal around comments (since there's not likes), but I fear it may cause spam o-o
@SammyC96: Oh, yes, my daily life right now o-o
First, thank you a lot for +170 subscriptions O.O

Thank you also for your comments, they cheered my tortuous path out of Chaos ToT

Thank you for being there, you know I love to know you are around <3

Tapas ink goal has been reached and prizes will be released there along this month -I feel like I tried on my big boy pants and they suit- o-o

Those who are there, can go and see:

Would you like to have a goal here too? Cause I would, something small -thinking...-

Any suggestions?
There she comes :3
Yeah, this is how you not ask for names o-o
@M-24: Why? XD

I do the same with my old acquaintances XD

It's exhilaranting see who shots first o3o
@Big.Papi: So much drama ouo <3
You make it look really cool in B/W, too o3o
@Travelingpooch: -silently answers- <3
Thank you to my commenters, because your love helps me keep going, reach to more people and sincerely want to improve <3

Thank you also to my silent readers, for taking the time to read. It means a lot >-<
@Big.Papi: Done (u-u)b
-corpse posing-
But can I tell my readers in Tapas that you're there now? I know they'll like to know o-o