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Xabel Mind
On the gray spectrum
Genderfluid (He/They/She)

The party is set! :D
This page has more of the funny-factor of how you got so much expressiveness from them wearing those masks O-O

The third panel is even sensual O.O
Looks interesting ouo
@MurkyKiifak: Gotta take care of things one at a time, that's okay u-u ♥
Right? X'D

But, hey, your reaction was just perfect, you didn't let that negative entity feed on your fear (o-o)d
And this is when that beautiful feeling you've been hiding, comes back as a zombie and eats your brains -that's why I always insist you should wear helmet, guys-

Sneak on my IG for some varied illustrations, I'm making the place cozy u-u
Thank you 💕
Wow, dude, thank you for the feature 😄💕❤️ Glad you like it 💕
That shadow made my day 😂💕 Welcome back 💕❤️
I finished, check:
Xabel Mind
October 3rd, 2019
I love this story *-*
Xabel Mind
October 3rd, 2019
This situation is too much X'D
Xabel Mind
October 3rd, 2019
Well, the surname is really appealing O-O
Xabel Mind
October 3rd, 2019
What a twist X"D
Xabel Mind
October 3rd, 2019
Duuude, I love that last panel ♥o♥
John is getting stabbed by all sides O-O

Also, thank you for the love and support you've been giving to this comic, guys. It made me so happy see you started commenting ToT
Xabel Mind
September 30th, 2019
Oh, yes, the only ones who may bother you there are the spirits (o-o)b
Oof, the work to peel that chicken without having a pot of hot water o-o"
@MurkyKiifak: Yeah, those things happen -nods- u-u

New cover is really cool ouo
Xabel Mind
September 27th, 2019
I paused for today because I remembered I still have to sketch next page on my comic! Z(_O`EO)m Gotta sleep too, it's important! Z(_O`EO)~ Oh, and I should go have dinner Z(_O-O)_ -stomach growls-