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Xabel Mind
Artist | Gender fluid | He/They/She | NSFW LGBT+ erotic and thriller life adventures told by their own protagonists. Xabel Mind is our universe, you should come and meet us.
Me too! (comment applicable to yours and Zach's) XD
Glad you like it, thank you very much X"
Lucazu, gosh, you draw such a silky hair... *-*
@spacefuture: Really thank you for your comment :"
@spacefuture: I saw the two comments, I'm laughing so hard ,X'D
Xabel Mind
February 20th, 2019
I gasped so hard when I saw your update O-O

Hope you be well ,:I
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Thank you for showing your love along the chapter one, your comments and support made a difference to mantain this work up and progressing X"

Sweet eleven inksupporters took the initiative in Tapas to inky-support this work and I delivered a humble prize to all of them who allowed posts on their walls :"

Take a look on the goal settled for this chapter, this time the prize (or prizes) will be up to all of you, but only if the goal is reached (o`-o)m
Warning: Real World penises may not look so beautiful.

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Xabel Mind
February 19th, 2019
@Dannycantread: As long as you mantain a respectful behaviour with them, it's okay.

Teachers are really stressed creatures, you standing up may distract them or distract other people from them, so try to not seem a threaten.

From my experience, they're more comfortable with people who show being in need or being interested in their teaching.

Asking them for help in your work or to take a look of what you have done in a humbly way may be the key to calm their tantrum about you standing up.

Maybe, if they feel you're focused even being stand up, they change their mind about it.

Warning: That doesn't mean to ask at every minute nor take your work and put it under their noses.

Mantain a distance and be aware of the pace of your talk, a question asked in a calmed tone may get a better welcome.
A reminder in case it's been a month since the last time you saw this comic :D Soon ^-^ Thank you! <3
Xabel Mind
February 19th, 2019
@Dannycantread: I see a lot of activities there that are based on being sit down (like in my schedule). Isn't there any moment on the day where you move? It's enough with like 20min per day of light exercise to balance your hormones production and help you with the meds problem :I
@softwonderbum: Mmh... did you tried searching on pages like this?
Maybe there you can find the poses you look for easily :D
You do such a cool work! ^-^

But I wanna know: Do you use reference images? o-o
Xabel Mind
February 18th, 2019
@Dannycantread: I can't say too much about this topic cause I'm still investigating in it.

But about every other hour out of high school walls, what are you doing? In what do you spend your time? How's your hability to focus on one activity or another? Those are the questions to start and I guess they're important to someone with hyperactivity issues o-o

Avoid or leave addictions start with self-awarness, being conscious of what you're doing. And you can't get that state if you're exhausted because of work 12h per day and not give a proper rest to your mind throug sleep, exercise or art.

I'm starting to sound like an expert, but I'm not, that's my experience on life talking =-=
Xabel Mind
February 17th, 2019
So... too much schoolwork and no time to do things that can calm you enough to avoid drugs dependence, huh?

Then you need to change your schedule. If your health demands some hours per day to exercise and focus on something non-related with school (like "ZACH!") to stabilize yourself, a drug addiction may be the clear sign to start to do it seriously.

And, hey, it's okay to change the style of your work ^-^
Adorable! *-*
It use to happens, you go here and there in the path. It's respectable that you know when you're putting too much in the perfection thing and going out of your original purpose :D