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Formerly PhantomCat.
I like to make comics and tell stories that ruin lives. :)
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@Jackie Valentine361 <3 : if you have beef with me you should take it up with me personally instead of calling me out in the comments of someone else's work, thanks
Well damn.
Been silently following this comic since dang near the very beginning, it's weird to see it end, haha. Gotta say, I somewhat expected more loose ends to be tied, but i can't complain that they weren't.
Great comic, my dude. Congrats on finishing it!
@CJ64: I am phantomcat, i just made this new account to match up better with my social media, since i did a bit of rebranding for myself a while ago, just want consistency.

Anywho, I'm aiming to get to a place where i can start posting pages of my new comic in the first half of 2019. Shooting for April, but things can be hard to predict, since i have a lot of writing and story tightening to do before i can start drawing. I'll definitely be plugging it pre- and post-release on my twitter though, as well as one single plug here on the RADpage for people who dont have/want twitter but still want to b updated. But yeah thats still a little while off.

Thank you for reading my comic, even though it's dead. I hope you enjoy what i put out in the future as well.
Cheers :)
I'd like to add onto this to talk about a few things:

1. I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not dropping RAD JUST because I can't make money off of it. The reality is that I probably wont be able to make money of my next comic either for at least a few years, but i want to be able to do that if i felt so inclined. My goal isn't to break into the comic book industry. It's just a nice option to have at your disposal if you want to publish books or pins or other fun stuff for the people that like what you're doing. It's also fun to think about having a table at a convention full of Your Own Stuff where you can meet and talk to fans, which is another thing I've always wanted to experience but couldnt with RAD. All of these things are things I can't do with RAD, even if I wanted to, and if im gonna spend so much time on something, time that i'll never get back for as long as I live, I should just go ahead and put it into something that i have complete freedom over. That's what it's about. Freedom, more than anything else.
I will still keep posting comics to Jeeves for free. My desire is simply to have something that is mine and only mine without having to worry about someone bringing the law hammer on me if i do Whatever I Want with it.

2. I am trying to compile a summary of the story onwards, which I will post when it's ready. My work notes for the comic were done in a simple but very extensive outline, and with all of the different arcs i had planned, its a lot of stuff to condense into something of reasonable length and detail.

3. I have no plans to release my comic to anybody to continue. I'm not interested in having anyone come on board to take over my work, since i'm very particular about the portrayal of my characters and I honestly don't think a new guy would be able to do them any justice whatsoever. there's also the fact that inherently, having a comic that's semi-popular on the internet is bound to attract people who are fame-hungry mooches, and that was never the point of RAD in the first place.
So, that said, any copies or "continuations" you might see pop up are unauthorized and I would ask that you ignore them if you see them.

Most of you have been very understanding and respectful of my decision, and I'm touched by all the supportive comments you've all left. I hope this answers a few questions ad clarifies some things that may have come off awkward or ambiguous in the first post.

Thank you again. Most of you are lovely people, and those that are, I'm legitimately humbled by you.
@Ventimon: Thanks, man, i'll probably shamelessly plug my next comic here when i start posting it, lol.

Thank you. Sincerely. <3