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he says it so happily but to be honest what he just said is pretty dark
In one sense, this is kinda cute, in another sense this is 'RUDY, OH DEAR GOD NO NO NO NO NO'
rudy's gonna do sometihng bad, i can feel it
are these names importiant? like, do i have to memorize them? cause if i do its going to get very complicated very fast
is that tobis name writen in emilio's book? owo
its probalby not too importiant but can anyone translate what they're saying?
his face looks super derpy in the second and third panel i cant see it as anything other than the derp face
oh i just noticed that thing has ghost eyes too
Maybe Mr.Edburt saved them (idk i'm just throwing ideas out there)
i think there is an eye in the sky of the last panel
what a dick bag
what the hell did mr.Edburt show him???
omg the reflection in Rudy's eye
O H . . .