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I Like Turtles
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I wonder what the question is?
Oh well,Time To Go Away For Another 2-3 Weeks!Cya Around
also who is EMC Lunar?
Umm.....can someone send a link?(' ._.)
But The Bible Says That God Will Give You Unending Grace
Joe,It's Okay,He's In A Better Place,I Know It's Hard To Accept But,He Will Be Remembered
Um.......Heya Joe,I came back,sounds like things got messed up when i was gone.........what happened....?
*gives berry*okay imma sleep now
i mean i dunno where the bandages are,i have an oran berry if u want it
oh....i have no idea._.
its fine...whatd ya need...?
*wakes up instantly*OUUUUUUUUUCH
zzzzzzzzzz*still sleeping*