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Let's see...

A description of myself???

How in the hell can possibly know that???
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Aww... that sounds kinda scary~ I hope that I wouldn't have to go through any kind of operations... ever in my life!

Tomoyo as being kind? That have never really crossed my mind before. Now that I kinda think about it a little, I suppose she does~
Nice... \(*A*)/
Holy Fracking Yuri Goddess
No shit... Tomoyo is practically crying over this???

How adorable!!!

God, I love her!!! (in a non-romantic kinda way)
Well... the only problem I have with this comic is that I can't clearly specify the sex of some characters.

Take Mary for example, I couldn't really tell if the person is a girl until her name appears. I used to believe that the kid in the last panel is a he... I'm not certain about that any longer.

May be this is a problem on my side... I don't know~
So now she's admitting to herself of potentially being tsundere?

Tomoyo kawaii~ >///<
To Ruka: I have read about that before as well... but wouldn't it be much more convenient to wait for female aliens from another dimension to invade us? (Blue Drop)

By the way, that bloody comment of mine was just me being a little overprotective. Damn, I wanna kill the guy in the most gruesome fashion imaginable for irritating Megume as well as Tomoyo. Just look at both of their faces... -*-
"All men should be hung with their own innards" - Yuri Worshiper

Wouldn't it be kinda fun to see the quote above slipping out someone's mouth from time to time? I guess it wouldn't... though the idea is rather temping if females can have children all by themselves~

Anyway, you've got yourself a brand new fan.