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Just your average, run-of-the-mill crazy person. Did I mention I'm an impoverished college graduate? It explains a lot, I think...
YESSSS yes yes yes yesssss...I'm so proud of you. This looks AWESOME. And color? Dude, you got ambition! I'm looking forward to this. *sits back and quietly stalks from the shadows*
Woah, now, sailor!
@The Orange Cow: For this kind of quality, I'd be willing to wait. This is pretty close to print worthy, minus some technical issues I could see in actually trying to get it on paper... Hell, this is work I'd commission at a $12/hour rate. It's got the line work, the pacing, the panel work, and the pretty decent dialogue. That kind of attention to detail takes time. If you're used to works that are less quality-oriented and more about pumping out the updates as fast as possible, then this comic does not even LOOK close to your speed.

In short, no need to be snarky. It's either worth waiting for or it's not.
Shit's gonna get intense, yo...
That ain't no dog collar, ladies and gents.

Story (c) Cherryink
Art (c) Repsychus

~ Psy
But we had some crisis to handle. We are back, though, baby!

Thank you to ALL of the WONDERFUL FANS that stuck through this REALLY LONG HIATUS. I do apologize for not giving more warning,

:3 We are going to be updating on Mondays again. Keep an eye out for more wonderful Prometheus is Dead!!

Story (c) Cherryink
Art (c) Repsychus

~ Psy
June 30th, 2014
Late, as usual
Sorry this was late, yet again, but I'm trying to get Prometheus is Dead up and running again. :3 I got back in touch with the fabulous CherryInk and now I'm working on some extra pages. We had about a five page buffer. I don't want us to fall behind again, so we're hoping to have more than that.

Anyways, I'm still dealing with life. Trying to get through and figure things out. The cost of living keeps going up and up. @ m @ When is this recession gonna end??

Also, green is a pretty color. Jus' sayin'.

~ Psy
June 26th, 2014
@ReincarnatedParano: You seriously just made my day. Thank you. ; A ;
Aww, poor honey.
@BurstThrough: Don't worry. I'll let you hide the razor from him. ^ v ^

PS: He has chest hair. If that helps. <3
June 18th, 2014
I'm having to deal with being sick again. I took another day off of work because of intense migraines. I really can't take this...I'm hurting for money and trying to find an apartment and family life is stressful and GURUGHLSKFJALKJDFOIWJE ~*flails*

In other news, I love you all. I'm trying to think of what to do for my next fan thank-you image. You guys are just too sweet, favoriting me and all that. What might you like to see in the next fan image?

I may just end up making a dildo joke...

; A ; I'm so happy....
June 8th, 2014
Took me forever to get this page done. I decided last minute that I wouldn't go the color route, because I've been getting a lot of comments about sticking to the greyscale so I can produce more. I did, however, clean up the lines. I think I like the idea of having cleaner lines and then just touches of color, especially where the demons and powers are concerned.

What do you guys think? Was it a good experiment?

Also, if you like this comic, please support my patreon:

I'd greatly appreciate it.

See you all again soon!

~ Psy
June 1st, 2014
Sorry this took a while
Been feeling quite sick. I'm trying not to take time off work, and to do as much overtime as possible. My body is really taking a beating.

So we have one more color page to go...After that, back to the sketchy stuff.

What would you like more: frequent updates in black/white or updates more or less once a week in color?

I'm really curious to know.

Also, please support me if you want more comics:

Any support is deeply appreciated.

Thanks a bunch! See you again soon.

~ Psy
May 25th, 2014
Don't ask me why... few pages are going to be color. Because DRAMAHS ARE BETTUR IN COLURS. 8U *derp*

Also, I really need some help guys. My paycheck is being slashed because I've spent a lot of time away from work. I got a really bad viral infection and it laid me low for about two weeks straight.

If you like this comic and you have a buck, please support my patreon.

If you only want to support me for one month, it's cool. Those that donate $10+ get special rewards each month! I appreciate you even just taking a peek.

Going to work now. Toodles!

~ Psy
May 14th, 2014
That's not what you think it is...
Brennan making friends.
May 12th, 2014
Peppermint Schnapps makes your vomit taste like Christmas
Brennan is clearly dealing with his problems in a mature and dignified manner. Yup.
May 12th, 2014
Well, technically it's Tuesday, buuuutt...
I get off work at, like, midnight. It's still my monday, guys.
May 10th, 2014
And thus ends CH 00
See you for CH 01, coming Monday.
I never thought I'd get this many fans so quickly. Thank you guys a TON for all of your support! I hope you don't mind me posting just a little bit of omake. I can never resist a laugh. I'm going to get the next page pumped out tonight. Because yeah, really, you guys are fabulous.

A million thanks!

~ Psy
I just finished two more pages. I'm going to do a double post for today, but only because I think this is a better ending point for this week.

If you guys want updates on my situation, read the previous author's comment. Also, Cherry says Hi.

Hope you're having a great Cyber Monday!

~ Psy

Art (c) Repsychus
Story (c) CherryINK
Hello, everyone.

As you can tell, the updates for this comic have been few and far between. Well, if you've been keeping up with the news, I'm kind of dealing with a family situation. My art has slowly been coming back. I'm throwing myself into work as a way to cope. Things aren't going so well.

So what does this mean for the updates, Psy?

Well, I'm going to be starting up again with 1 page/week and try from there. It's a try-and-see kind of thing, because at any point I may need to work overtime to pay for the medical bills. Which means 12 hour days and no sleep and fretting and such.

Never grow up, my darlings. Adulthood sucks.

So, yes, here's more art for you all. I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. <3

~ Psy

Art (c) Repsychus
Story (c) CherryINK
Hello, all!
Here's the post for today. I'm going to try to post another page later tomorrow night, because my internet is making it VERY hard to reach out to Cherry. She does all the bubble work for my pages, so it's frustrating when my internet decides that, though I have everything ready for her, I can't send it so it can get that finishing touch.

But such is life. It's what you get for living in bumfuck nowhere.

Also, this page was a nightmare to tone.

~ Repsychus ~

art (c) Repsychus
story (c) Cherryink