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Foul mouth Female
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Yeah guuuuurl, curb stomp him
Oh Deer
Things to notice from Songdog-
GentleChaos noted: White wolf is pregnant or (more likely in my opinion) to have pups. Since pups are born in late winter and come out of the den in spring.
White wolf also has her tongue bitten off when she's smacked. Meaning she'll be either lisped or mute.
Although it's sad to see Fen in this state, I doubt she could get him all the way to the forest. But if he does die, it would be quite the cycle.. Pace's mate killed by a deer, Rig's mate killed by wolves.
Smack em
Whoop em gurl
September 22nd, 2018
Tree Genders Exist
Actually some trees come in both male/female. Depending on it's flowering stage and germ. Pine cones are from female pine trees, but the males make tiny gold bulbs that release the pollen. Sometimes trees switch..
I've always heard the tree in my head as voiceless, like to each deer their own voice.
September 13th, 2018
Doe the Foe
Rig holds the heart of a deer, and it's hard for her to let nature be her past. Good as always, love this and your other comic. I decided to get an account just to show you my support.