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Come to the rescue!
While talking about the most recent page with my friend and thinking about who could save Dake, we've come up with a theory...sort of. She thinks that Jack is going to save him or just see a creepy cow thing and run away. I think Dake is going to start to pass out and /think/ Tommy is saving him, when it's actually Draco. That or he's going to save himself by some means. Considering every suggestion has been turned down, I think it's either Dake himself or Draco.
oh dear, poor Dakey poo's been stabbeded in the stomach hasn't he?
As I said in the LS the last panel looks very much so like Utisz is telling Dake to bend over and take it like a b!tch XD
OMG poor Dake!!! Please don't eat him Utiz!!
The incentive made me lol so hard XD
It just occured to me...isn't Connor infected? Won't he get Noel infected too?!
Noel have a very yummy looking bum...I just want to pinch it ^.^
That's just too funny. Come on Dake, you should know better by now. Light or dark it don't matter, Tommy's still gonna grope ya lol
Awe as much as he was an asshole I'm gonna miss the poor guy. *mourns for the cop*
...I would totally accept money like that if it were handed to me. And then I'd probably frame it and put it above my bed for all my friends to see. Sexy Hiddy watching over me at night :P
This page is total lol XD Jack is freaking hilarious "Futu-te!" Did he learn his english watching American television by any chance? lol I kid, but really that man is comic relief XD
Oh and I have never wished more to actually have some money in my bank account to spend on something other then rent and gas as I do right now. I want Hiddy/Horus pronz! :'( >.<
Don't worry darling, it'd work on me too lol
......I'm almost disturbed by that smile Tommy has in the last panel lol

EDIT: OMG lol at incentive XD
yay for an awesome new page, and omg the vote incentive made me burst out in laughter!
damn...hiddy and samsol are sexy bastards XD
Hurray Samsol is one sexy man...even if he is wearing pants and would look better without them ;)
Oh wow, poor Tommy. For such a sexual person, that must frustrate the hell out of him. *huggles Tommy*

I absolutely love ALL the facial expression in this update. They just crack me up XD
Damn he's sexy! And Tommy's face in the third panel made me crack up XD
OMG the vote incentive!!! I almost feel sorry for Tommy...
Hot damn! I just read the whole comic in one sitting and cannot wait for an update. This is very sexy and hot and I love your artwork ^.^
ooo please update soon. I really like this story. Malik is just so pretty and I can't wait to see what his captor has in store for him.
Apparently I'm going to be the only one to say this. Damn her dad was hot when he was younger! I would totally tap that lol

Anyway, that aside I love this page. ^.^ Dake is just so adorably innocent sometimes. But ah, the joys of having gone through your y!G gallery. I know the lovely life that boy has eventually lol